In heart-stopping series, NAVI left Giants empty-handed


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The super week of the VCT EMEA continues its course, this afternoon we reached the middle of the week with the claim of NAVI, the team led by ANGE1 He got his first win of the season after losing during the first day against koi for 2-0. On this occasion the Ukrainian team and giants They gave us a series for the heart attack that anyone could take, however in the decide map NAVI was superior and took home the first points of the season, leaving the Spanish team empty-handed and a 0-2 after the first week.

giants started in the best way Icebox (NAVI pick) winning the first four rounds, but NAVI he quickly managed to pull himself together and leveled the game before the change of sides. With the score tied the attacking side of giants It would be decisive for this second half, in a game that was «stick and stick«, both squads were distributing the rounds until, near the end, NAVI after a great play SUYGETSU managed to put the map point to Ice box, but the Spanish team was not going to sit idly by and they stayed with the last round to force the overtime.

Finally after eight electrifying rounds, the Malaga Giants they managed to keep a heart-stopping map by 17-15. With this boost of having obtained an extremely difficult map, giants came out in Split to want to wear NAVI and close the series on its own pick. However, the development of the game repeated the formula of the previous map: the teams did not manage to get great advantages and were “sharing up” the rounds almost evenly until reaching a partial of 12-10 again in favor of NAVI, but this time the team ANGE1 he did not miss the opportunity and tied the series after two exciting overtime. The final result in Split was 15-13.

Pearl left Giants empty-handed

Pearl was the last stage of this series and where the Spanish team did not know how to face the game of NAVI, the Ukrainians have been relentless. In this third and last map, even though NAVI quickly took the lead on the scoreboard, giants he landed five important rounds on the attacking side. However this two-round deference began to grow during the change of ends and the comeback was made uphill.

With a “cNed” (Jett) unstoppable, NAVI he took the victory at Pearl 13-7. He ‘awper’ Turk had a great map and recorded the best K/D from the server with 23/13/3 (1.77 K/D), however it was the Russian SUYGETSU who took the MVP of the series, one of the controllers NAVI It was key mainly in these last two maps where the Ukrainian team took the victories to close the first week of the season with at least one victory.

All the matches of the super week VCT EMEA

Monday– Matchday 1:

  • koi 2-0 NAVI;
  • fnatic 2-0 Giants.

Yesterday – Matchday 2:

  • Team Heretics 0-2 FUT Esports;
  • Vitality 2-1 Team Liquid.

Today – Matchday 3:

  • NAVI 2-1 Giants;
  • Karmine Corp vs. BBL Esports – In play at time of publication.

Tomorrow – Matchday 4:

  • Team Liquid vs. FUT Esports – From 18:00 ESP / 13:00 ARG-CHI / 10:00 MEX;
  • Vitality vs. KOI – From 9:00 p.m. ESP / 4:00 p.m. ARG-CHI / 1:00 p.m. MEX.

Friday 31 – Matchday 5:

  • Fnatic vs. BBL Esports – From 6:00 p.m. ESP / 1:00 p.m. ARG-CHI / 10:00 a.m. MEX;
  • Team Heretics vs. Karmine Corp – From 9:00 p.m. ESP / 4:00 p.m. ARG-CHI / 1:00 p.m. MEX.

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