Incommunicado and without access to lawyers: Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel has been detained for a month

Incommunicado and without access to lawyers: Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel has been detained for a month

Protest in favor of the independence of Rocío San Miguel at the Spanish Embassy in Caracas. Photo: Juan Peraza /

The month since the Venezuelan activist has been detained on terrorism charges Rocío San Miguel He has not had contact with his lawyers and He was allowed to meet his daughter only once,

Beyond his imprisonment in El Helicoide, a fearsome prison of the secret service that human rights organizations describe as “torture center, Little is known about the situation in San Miguel, Expert on military issues, linked by authorities to an alleged plan to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro.

Below are the four keys to the case.

– “Helplessness” –

San Miguel He was arrested on the morning of 9 February. He was trying to board a flight with his daughter at Simón Bolívar Airport, which serves Caracas.

His lawyers have since attempted to contact him but have been refused access.

He was brought before a court with jurisdiction over terrorism, based in El Helicoide, and forced to accept a public defender, a common tactic in cases of political prisoners. He was charged with treason, conspiracy, terrorism and criminal cooperation.

Exterior photo of the government building “El Helicoide” in Caracas (Venezuela), the place where Rocío San Miguel is being held. Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab on Wednesday denied that activist Rocío San Miguel, who was captured last Friday, was the subject of “enforced disappearances”, his lawyers, local NGOs and international organizations defending human rights said. , The prosecutor explained that the arrest was made because the activist “appears to have mentioned verbatim the operational order of a conspiracy called the ‘Bank Bracelet'”, with which, according to the government, it was intended to attack President Nicolás Maduro and others. . Senior officials. EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

“This public defender never communicated with Rocío’s relatives”he explained to AFP joel garcia, San Miguel Lawyer. “We were nominated by family members to assist him, but it could not be possible and the court shrugged it off saying there was no transfer in the court.”,

“He is defenseless and uncommunicative,” Condemned.

– single trip –

worker received “Travel Only” His daughter’s death on 18th February Miranda Diaz.

“From that we knew she was not tortured.”Garcia said, but “Since then no one has been able to talk to him. “He doesn’t have access to family, friends, lawyers, anything.”,

your position is “Completely unknown because there is no communication with him,” He continued. “No one knows about her emotional state, her health, if she is eating… nothing is known, even how and with whom she is being kept.”,

“Nothing, we don’t know anything,” Lament.

San Miguel holds dual Venezuelan and Spanish nationality. His arrest was on the agenda of talks between the Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Alberes, and their Venezuelan counterparts Yvan Gill.

The arrest of Rocío San Miguel and his family group, coupled with the expulsion from the country of officials of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, marks a deepening of repression against Venezuelan civil society. “This election year is very delicate for the regime,” says Gonzalo Himiob, vice president of the Penal Forum.

– Ex-husband in custody –

San Miguel directs the NGO Citizen Control, which records cases of human rights violations against civilians and soldiers, and was detained along with six relatives, including her daughter.

The girl and three others were released on parole.

Her ex-husband, retired colonel Alejandro Jose Gonzales, Like him, she too was in the custody of the Counterintelligence Service (DGCIM) under suspicion “Political and military secrets revealed”,

Even the lawyers have not got access to the file.

– Proof –

A few days after San Miguel’s arrest, his home was raided while his daughter was present there. The officers took the maps and computers, which the Attorney General later presented to the press, tarek william saabAs “Proof” of their relationship with an alleged conspiracy.

Protest in favor of the independence of Rocío San Miguel at the Spanish Embassy in Caracas. Photo: Juan Peraza /

Saab showed pieces of one “Order of Operation” Seized from a detained soldier who is also accused of taking part in the assassination plan “Rocío San Miguel is clearly mentioned.”

According to these quotes, the accused was “LinkWith media to spread “Operation Progress”trigger “Communication relations with the military population” And “To coordinate” Protection of officials involved through civilian control.

The period for the Prosecutor’s Office to conclude its investigation, according to the law and according to his client García, expires in 15 days. “He still does not have the necessary means and time to defend himself.”

The number of specific NGO forum panels is 263. “political prisoners”Of these, 19 are women.


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