Instagram has brought five new features for direct messages, know about them

Instagram has introduced new features for direct messages. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

Instagram brings five new features With the goal of helping people connect more with their friends and have more control over their messaging experience.

Improvements included include capacity Speed ​​up searches for most common contacts Also the option to disable read receipts when the application is in use.

The feature to pin up to three conversations to the top of your inbox. (Target)

Instagram will now allow Set up up to 3 conversations At the top of the message inbox, make it easy to access chats with best friends or your most frequently used open dialogues.

This option stands out because it doesn’t handle daily communication with these contacts, the conversation will not progress As more messages are received. To activate this tool it is only necessary to:

  • In the general conversation feed, slide left The chat you want to set up.
  • Will be seen ‘set’ optionPress to apply changes.
  • conversation set up They are distinctive because of having pins After username.
Editing of a message is also allowed up to 15 minutes after it is sent. (Target)

Since it is common for errors to occur in messages, the social network also allows Option to edit a message up to 15 minutes after sending And only by pressing it, thus avoiding the need to delete them or send corrections through new messages. Plus, it eliminates the need to download third-party apps.

It is possible to delete the view on Instagram messages. (Target)

Listening to calls from many users who wanted to be able to read messages without letting the person on the other side of the screen know, the platform also included the function to be able Disable Read Receipt For all MDs or any one in particular. To do this you need:

  • enter chat of the user for whom you want to disable read receipts.
  • In the top bar, where the contact name appears, ‘Chat’ options will be displayed,
  • Squeeze ‘Privacy & Security’ option,
  • Uncheck the option that indicates read receipts,
On Instagram, you can customize the background of the conversation. (Target)

Instagram makes this section better from now on Users can customize the background of their conversations His latest songs include Love, Food and Sweets, as well as important recent productions such as Avatar and Part Two of Duena.

To make this change All you need to do is suppress the chat background And select the theme you want to use, the adjustments will be made instantly.

Stickers are a very popular means of interaction on Instagram. (Target)

It is also possible to save stickers for easy access. For this You have to press and hold your finger on the sticker Which you want to save and later it will be found at the top of the direct message sticker tray.

The platform allows you to send messages to one or more people and these messages Can contain text, photos, or videos Which is taken directly into the application or uploaded from the gallery of the mobile phone or computer. It is also possible to send the following items as messages:

  • Posts viewed in feed.
  • Temporary photos and videos.
  • Instagram profile.

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