Intel has improved the performance of its Arc A770 GPU by 9% in 4 months

Intel had a very difficult start with its Arc Alchemist GPUs, as at launch they performed abysmal in older games. Fortunately, Intel released drivers that improved performance by up to 80% in DirectX 9 games. Now that this issue was resolved, Intel could focus on improving performance in newer games. The last update of drivers has allowed to make Intel Arc A770 have improved its performance by 9% in gamesalthough yes, compared to the November 2022 drivers.

In 2022 Intel decided to finally launch its Arc Alchemist, the first dedicated GPUs we’ve seen in decades. After so many years focused on integrated graphics cards, Arc drivers were a disaster, with inconsistent performance, bugs and issues everywhere. Although the launch was quite bad, over time and after many drivers, the Intel Arc have improved a lot. He Performance in games with DirectX 9 is already correct and in more current games an Arc A770 even performs a bit above an RTX 3060.

Intel keeps its promise, drivers improve Arc performance

Intel Arc graphics have been on the market for months and have received numerous driver updates with performance improvements. At least this is what Intel promises in each of these updates, along with bug fixes. If we remember, already in August 2022 Intel promised that would improve performance in games with DirectX 11 or later. Imagine how bad everything was, for a Arc A770 at the time yield less than half if we used something other than DX 12.

To see the impact of the latest drivers, Hardware Unboxed has decided to test the version 4123 against 3802 Released last November. The first thing that strikes us is to see the huge differences that have been experienced in older games with DirectX 9. Titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive get more than double the FPS with the new drivers. Meanwhile, other games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Watch Dogs: Legion either Shadow of the Tomb Raider They do not experience improvements.

Arc 770 achieve an average of 9% more FPS with these drivers

Hardware Unboxed tested a total of 12 very varied games, from games like Counter-Strike to Spider-Man Remastered either cyberpunk 2077. It could be said that in most modern games, the performance improvements of the drivers in the Arc have been practically nil. However, we see how in games like farcry 6 there is an improvement of 10% in 1080P resolution and 9% in 1440P. If to these gains we add those of the CSGO that are more than 100%, in the end the average ends up being 9% in 1080P. If we raise the resolution we see the improvement is at a 7.5% as average of all games a 1440P.

To give us an idea, with the new 4123 drivers, the Intel Arc A770 is slightly positioned above the RTX 3060 at Full HD and in QuadHD achieves even outperform an AMD RX 6650 XT. It is true that the improvements in the other games are almost non-existent, but at least Intel is showing that it has the ability to improve those drivers that went so wrong the first time.

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