invited streamers, date and all the details of the new Twitch event


From the hand of the creators of TortillaLand will come the first big event of 2023 in the Hispanic community of content creators.

Extreme Minecraft: invited streamers, date and all the details of the new Twitch event
Extreme Minecraft: invited streamers, date and all the details of the new Twitch event

2023 has already begun and the Hispanic community of content creators is not wasting time, since the first event in which Spanish streamers and all of Latin America will participate has already been confirmed. Is about Minecraft Extremean event/series developed by the creators of TortillaLand with Auronplay, Reborn and Tanizen at the helm.

Streamers invited to Minecraft Extreme

• 8th
• AleIV
• Arigameplays
• Aroyitt
• Auronplay
• Axozer
• Bijin
• Breifr9
• Carol
• Coollifegame
• Cristinini
• Deqiuv
• Desst3
• Edurne
• Elded
• Elisawaves
• Elmarian
• Elperita
• Focus
• Folagor
• Genesis
• Goes
• HitBoxKing
• Ibai
• Magnetized
• JCorko
• Jokki
• Josecristo
• Joseph
• JuanSGuarnizo
• Karchez
• Kajal
• Komanche
• Luh
• Markilokuras
• Mayichi
• MissAndie
• MissaSymphony
• Mixwell
• girl
• Nil Ojeda
• Noni
• OlliGamer
• Aqualand Duck
• Perxite
• Polispol
• Quackity
• Rubius
• Reborn
• Ricoy
• Rioboo
• Robleis
• Roier
• Shadowune
• Spreen
• Stratus
• Tanizen
• TheGrefg
• Vicens
• Violet
• Virus
• volcano
• Zorman

*Updated as of 9/1/23

Regulations and rules of Minecraft Extreme

• Each participant will have only 3 lives.
• No one will be able to revive another player.
• The loot of a dead player can be stolen or recovered by the same player with his next life.
• The administration will be able to put obstacles in the way of the players so that they lose lives.
• PvP activated for a certain time in which you can kill other players. It will be announced with a siren.
• Forbidden to enter the OffStream server
• Forbidden to leave the game during PvP if you were already inside the server
• Do not mess with someone who does not know how to play that much.
• The server will be active 24/7
• Access to houses by means of bugs or enderpearls will be prohibited.
• Teams limited to 4 people (maximum)
• Gangs vs. others are not accepted.
• Limited turrets per house (maximum 4)
• Mandatory shaders.
• Explosives deactivated at the beginning of the series.
• You must enter at least once every 48 hours (Except during ESLAND or with prior notice)
• The chat in use must be that of the game, Discord or other media cannot be used.
• Immortality Totems are illegal.
• There will be no Gulag to recover lives.

When does the Minecraft Extreme series start?

The series will start next Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

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