Irelia Mythmaker skin makes you lose games

skin Irelia new lose

Customize the champions that players choose each game League of Legends It is one of the most fun parts before entering a game. These always come to Summoner’s Rift with controversy or mixed opinions, and in some cases, they do so by directly affecting the game when it shouldn’t be. Therefore, the new skin of the Dancing Knife has removed user reviews. The new one skin of irelia call Mythmaker It has received the name of pay-to-loose and it seems that it only serves to lose games.

Irelia Mythmaker has a big little bug

Well, this statement may be very frightening and at the casual user level it is not something to take into account, but it does harm many of those who have already purchased it in the store. The Mythmaker customization, which costs 1,820 RP, from mythical aspect already has a nickname, as we have mentioned before. Let’s go a little deeper and it is that there is not only a modification in the character voicethe I remember and the animations of the skills. Specifically, the latter is the reason for the controversy.

A player in the reddit from the LoL community posted that when you appreciate slow motionthere is a small delay between Irelia’s animation and the impact Of the same. Something that is even more evident when the games start, since he does not have the special attack speed yet. Therefore, the lines phasewhich is key in this champion, is greatly reduced in terms of effectiveness.

“This issue only affects gameplay during early game when the attack speed Irelia is at its lowest point,” said one player. “The performance at the beginning of the game is crucial for Irelia’s impact, a single auto attack missed or canceled due to out-of-sync VFX is lethal and becomes Irrelevant for the rest of the game.”

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