Is Irelia’s new skin a ‘pay to lose’ skin?

The skins They are a very important section of League of Legends. All champions have always had at least two of these skins. Over the years, Riot Games has managed to balance all of these skins and has structured them into different categories. The three most important aredefinitive«, «mythical” Y “legendary«.

In this last category we find Irelia’s new cosmetic. Is about myth makera skin legendary that has arrived together with the event of lunar revel. However, the release of this skin it has had more detractors than people who have accepted its implementation. And it is not because of his style, since It is one of the most beautiful aspects on a visual level. Rather, it is a series of errors that prevent its players from deploying their full potential.

Players complain about the poor condition of the new skin by Irelia

Legendary skins are often distinguished from the rest, not only by the change in the image of the champion himself, but because completely renewed VFX effects are added. This ‘Mythmaker’ was not going to be left behind and also has those visual and sound changes with respect to the original Irelia. However, several players have issued complaints regarding that use this skin is the same as paying to lose.

As they have revealed in various comparisons, the basic attack of this skin have a delay between animation and hit. This, of course, is something that can take its toll, especially in the laning phase. According to the players, This problem becomes more apparent in the early game, that moment when the champion barely has attack speed. «That nobody knows that this exists can be a serious problem. And it is that an error with the VFX that makes a basic attack fail can condemn the rest of Irelia’s game“said one player.

We’ll see if Riot Games decides to update these VFX soon to avoid further issues with the champion. For now, you can get this Mythmaker Irelia in the League of Legends store for 1,820 RP.

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