Isaac Álvarez addressed the sale of Oscar Zambrano, the contract has not been signed yet in the league and NINE

Isaac Álvarez, president of the Quito University Sports League and now in charge of everything at the university team, spoke with ESPN about several situations that concern fans.

Beyond the assembly of the team, now in the hands of the club’s board of directors, league fans wonder about football. In that sense, Isaac Álvarez mentioned the possible sale of Oscar Zambrano, to the contracts that have not yet been signed with Facundo Rodríguez and Lisandro Alzuagare, and the arrival of nine to replace Paolo Guerrero. Has been done

He did not give any information about Oscar Zambrano’s departure. “I am not 100 percent in charge, there are other people too. A week ago I talked to Diego Castro about this. I don’t know whether progress was made or not, but we have not seen any concrete progress. It would be best for the player, that’s what we always look for in the league. We ensure player development. We will have to wait for the next few days.”

Alzugaray and Rodriguez cases. “They are training, I spoke to them. I told him that for the change, the Football Commission should give us what we need to train, and on February 1 we will move forward with his signature. We are in line with what they add. They are happy and motivated, and I am even more pleased to retain those two very important players.

Finally, the forward that La U needs.” Several proposals were made. There are people in charge of it, and they are the only people who are connected to this new league history. In the case of Tomás Molina, Talleres wouldn’t let him go and it couldn’t happen; As well as other matters which I cannot mention. We are working on being able to add that player to that important position as soon as possible. We have some starters, we have Jan Hurtado, Michael Bermudez and Jaron Charcopa.

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