Israel bombed targets of terrorist group Hezbollah in response to several attacks from Lebanon

Israel bombed facilities of the terrorist group Hezbollah in response to several attacks from Lebanon (EFE).

He terrorist group lebanese shia Hezbollah Launched this Monday Six attacks against northern IsraelWhich on its part bombed many military establishments of the movement in the south lebanonIn an intense day of skirmishes that has passed At least four people were killed on both sides of the border.

In a series of statements, Hezbollah Claimed four actions with missiles or artillery against targets israeli armyClaiming to be responding to two “infiltration attempts” into Lebanese territory by the neighboring country’s forces.

For his part, israeli army Confirmed “Many” releases against Cheba Farmdisputed by lebanonand announced that they had responded against the points of origin of the projectile on the other side of the partition.

Israeli fighter planes bombed several military complexes this Monday also Hezbollah In southern Lebanon, the army added.

A new day of conflicts has passed four deadThese include three paramedics who died in an Israeli attack on an ambulance headquarters Islamic Health Authority in the lebanese village of al addissaSaid to be associated with the organization Hezbollah,

Israeli military confirms “several” launches against Chebaa Farms disputed by Lebanon

An Indian employee was killed and seven others were injured in an anti-tank missile attack by Israel in Margaliot (North). lebanonAn action for which no group has claimed responsibility.

The parties have been locked in intense crossfire for nearly five months, the largest outbreak of violence since the war began in 2006.

Also on Monday, US mediator Amos Hochstein visited Beirut as part of his efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict and reiterated that a negotiated settlement on the border is “the only way to end hostilities”.

American mediator Amos Hochstein This Monday warned in Beirut that the possible achievement of a cessation of hostilities Gaza Strip no need to expand it “Automatically” on the border between Israel and Lebanon.,

,usa And its partners in the region are working tirelessly to achieve a ceasefire agreement in Gaza along with the release of hostages (…) But it does not necessarily mean that when you have a ceasefire in Gaza, it automatically “Extends,” he admitted at a press conference.

Therefore its objective is to achieve “A diplomatic solution here on the Blue Line”actual border between lebanon And israelHochstein explained in a brief appearance in the Lebanese capital after meeting with the speaker of the parliament, Nabih Berry,

Amos Hochstein, an adviser to U.S. President Joe Biden, speaks to reporters after his meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in Beirut, Monday, March 4, 2024. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussain)

the mediator called him back Washington “Diplomatic solution is the only way to end hostilities” and said that the international community agrees with this position, which is why efforts are made to reduce tensions in collaboration with other global partners.

The adviser to the US President declared, “A temporary ceasefire is not enough, a limited war cannot be prevented and the security paradigm on the Blue Line must change to guarantee the security of all.” Joe Biden,

In this sense, Hochstein reiterated the commitment usa He indicated that moving towards a “permanent” security arrangement that allows the return of both Lebanese and Israeli displaced persons is something he feels “hopeful” to be able to achieve.

However, he recalled that trip beirut It comes after “tense weeks on both sides of the divide”.

(with information from EFE)

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