Israel war – Hamas live: US and UK attack Houthi positions in Yemen

Hamas released a video this Sunday showing three Israeli hostages being held in Gaza.

The undated tape shows 26-year-old Noah Argamani, 53-year-old Yossi Sharabi and 38-year-old Itai Swirsky looking directly into the camera, giving their names, ages and places of residence.

In what appears to be a montage of three clips, Argamani, Sharabi and Swirsky call on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “stop the war” and “bring us home.”

It is unclear whether the hostages were speaking under duress. The video lasts for about 30 seconds.

CNN cannot verify when or where the clips were filmed.

At the end of the footage a title appears on the screen saying in Arabic, Hebrew and English: “Tomorrow we will inform you of your destination”.

The Israeli government has not commented on the video. He previously called the practice of posting videos of hostages “psychological warfare.”

The video was released on the 100th day of the war, a milestone that was widely celebrated throughout Israel. Hamas and other groups took about 240 people hostage in Gaza during the October 7 attacks. More than 100 Israeli and foreign hostages were freed during a ceasefire in late November, and Palestinians held in Israeli prisons were freed in exchange for Israelis.

Israel believes that 132 hostages from October 7 are still being held in Gaza.

Netanyahu’s office told CNN that it believes 25 of the hostages are dead and their remains are still interred in Gaza. It is believed that 107 hostages from last year’s Hamas attack are still alive.

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