It is not Dino Crisis and for that reason alone I expected disappointment, but reality has nothing to do with it: I have played Exoprimal for more than 4 hours – Exoprimal

Another game as a service from a big company? There were reasons to be afraid, but Exoprimal will amuse even the dinosaurs.

Barely a year after launch, the Babylon’s Fall servers were shut down for good. It was a similar decision to the one made by Electronic Arts with Anthem, which, although fully playable, has not received any major updates since February 2021. Even a franchise like Fallout descended into the deepest of hells, from which it managed to recover based on a lot of work, when it tried to become a game as a service. I understand the panic to see how our favorite developers are now dedicated to creating almost guaranteed setbacks and titles that, in reality, do not even interest the players who made it to where they are today.

Now Capcom comes and decides to embark on the same adventure where the others failed. The presentation of exoprimal It generated more than justified doubts because it is normal to have some video game post-traumatic stress when we see large companies stray from the path. However, I’ve already been able to play the beta of this dinosaur killer and… I’ve had a good time. In fact, I enjoyed it much more than I expected. It’s not a perfect game and there’s still a long way to go until release. However, there are wickers for a ‘multiplayer’ to come out of here that does more than meet the minimum acceptable.

Capcom wants to do things right with Exoprimal

You don’t have to be an expert in video games to know that the frenetic action is downright fun. Even more so if the constant discharge of lead is against dinosaurs that come out of portals from another dimension in a number that is impossible to count. It wasn’t something we needed to find out but it’s nice to have someone remind us. The Exoprimal proposal is basically that. Hold down the fire button and use the unique abilities of our characters to annihilate waves of enemies while cooperating with our teammates.

The armors are the equivalent of Overwatch or League of Legends characters

This function is where what is probably the most positive aspect of Exoprimal comes into play. We have at our disposal ten armor which, so that we understand each other, are the equivalent of Overwatch characters or League of Legends champions. Each of them allows us to equip ourselves with unique abilities that modify our role in combat. There is a support character (the coolest in the beta) who runs on roller skates and combines healing with damage. Also a tanky sword slasher who can launch a counter attack from the vine as he gets hit too hard while he has his defensive stance activated.

Although I hate support characters in almost all games, this ‘support healer’ has changed my mind

None of the characters is going to blow our minds, but it’s not that the game needs it either. A beta with a single game mode had me hooked for the four hours I was able to try it. This ‘matamata’ of dinosaurs has something fun in the form of small rewards. My favorite character was the most basic, with a submachine gun and the ability to throw grenades that do a lot of area damage. Just waiting for the dinosaurs to gather to see them all jump into the air together was fun enough to hit the play button for another game.

Almost without realizing it, I spent the night playing and watching streams from the content creators who had access to the beta

To sum it up, I can tell you that for a long time I thought I had messed up with accessibility options by turning on subtitles to text or event narration. However, it had nothing to do with it.

Almost without realizing it I spent the night playing games and watching streams from content creators who had access to the beta. Exoprimal is not perfect and still has some design issues to fix. The clarity in determining where the objectives are of each map is a gigantic problem and I even lost two games against bots just because I didn’t quite understand what the objective was or how to achieve it. Something particularly irritating when, throughout the game, we are accompanied by a lousy artificial intelligence that does the work of field commander.

To sum it up, I can tell you that for a long time I thought I had messed up with accessibility options by turning on subtitles to text or event narration. However, it had nothing to do with it. The voice of this sort of robotic Captain Price was just that messed up.. This was by far the most irritating, although there are also a very serious problem with the game mode that was available in this test. While the main idea seems to go one way, the games follow a very different path.

The objectives vary in each mission (here we are defending a ship) but always consist of clearing waves of dinosaurs.

The unique mode of Exoprimal in this beta offers us a PvEvP experience It always follows the same structure. We start by completing different missions that can vary depending on the game, but that involve killing hordes of dinosaurs in a race against the enemy team. We cannot interact with them in any way, being something like the equivalent of ghosts in driving games. If we are faster than them, we can say that we are winning since this is a kind of time trial. However, nothing we do during this first phase matters much in determining the outcome.

Shootouts between Exoprimal players are a lot of fun

Winning the round against the clock by completing the objectives faster than the rival will allow us to reach the final mission earlier and advance the objectives a bit. However, here all players appear on the same stage and a phase involving PvP begins. Shootouts between Exoprimal players are a lot of fun. However, they downplay everything else too much. It’s not like wasting too much time in the timed phase is going to doom your game. It might take away a bit of margin for error, but if you play this last stage just slightly better than your opponents on a consistent basis you will have won.

The combination of fighting against the environment and against other players must be preserved, but need changes. Downplaying clearing waves of dinosaurs makes it somewhat meaningless and less rewarding. A real shame because it’s absurdly funny. It is a failure that in the long term could ruin the experience and that gives rise to a word-of-mouth effect. Barring catastrophe, the previous rounds don’t matter too much if you know how to answer the donut questions correctly. Despite this, if you realize, the three things that I found worst about Exoprimal (lack of clarity, relevance of PvE and dubbing) are pretty easy to fix.

With all the advantage we got in PvE, a bit of enemy superiority in PvP meant we ended up losing this game.

Before testing the final version of a game as a service, We can only assess it based on its potential. The thing here is not so much how good Exoprimal will be when it launches next July. Although of course it must be at an acceptable level, the real challenge is in the distance race. We have not yet seen how its story will work and neither more game modes than the main one, but the wickers are good. Capcom will have to carefully measure monetization and fix some issues, but the real good thing is this: I really want to see how this dinosaur killer madness evolves. The triceratops won’t even remember what a meteorite is when it receives all this lead in the face.

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