“It was about 200 dollars”

Tyler Cameron Reveals He Was Nearly Broke When He Dated Gigi Hadid: "Had about 200 dollars"

Tyler Cameron Reveals He Was Nearly Broke When He Dated Gigi Hadid: “I Had About $200”

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In recent participation in the podcast Trading Secretsin Jason Tatrick, Tyler Cameronformer reality TV star The Bachelorette, revealed that he was almost broke in 2019, the year he dated the top model Gigi Hadid during two months.

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As disclosed by Page Six, the presenter began the subject by addressing Cameron’s story: “He comes up to me: ‘Man, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I have $5,000 in my bank account, I don’t know what my next job is, and I’m dating Gigi Hadid.’

“Not even $5,000, I had like $200, you know what I mean? I went on dates like it was my first days in New York City,” said Tyler. “I don’t have any money, but I’m happier than ever because the world is open to me in New York City. I can do whatever I want,” added.

According to Cameron, in some meetings with the model he called his father asking for financial help. “I don’t think my credit card is going to work. I need you to send me some money right away”, but the father said: “You can do it, son, go for it!”, he reminded.

“When you date Gigi and you only have $200 to your name, how do you pay for it? Did you already have a history, how were you managing that?” questioned Jason. “I was just crossing my fingers at this point”, explained Tyler. “At the time, I didn’t even know what a credit card was.”

“I had a direct debit card, so when you swipe, you swipe, you know, so I was just crossing my fingers, waiting for it to go through and keep going,” he admitted.




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