It’s broken and I’ll tell you how to get it

In case you were wondering why the hell it’s been so long without Fortnite has received a decent content update within this Chapter 4, it must be clarified that the reason is that Epic Games has vacations twice a year: once in mid-summer and once at Christmas. However, This hasn’t stopped the company from launching a new item in the game today that doesn’t have any waste.

It is about the guardian shield, a weapon that I already told you about in this other article commenting that it seems to me a blatant copy of one of Overwatch’s mechanics. But It would not be the first time that Fortnite appropriates an element from another game to adapt it within their systems. Be that as it may, this guardian shield is quite broken and I will tell you how to get it.

What is the Fortnite guardian shield and how to get it

  • The guardian shield allows us to place an energy shield in front of us that blocks all bullets
  • Besides, we can walk with it while wearing it
  • Then, I leave you with a video in which I explain how it works

How is it achieved?

The leaker of Fortnite known as FNAssist has revealed what are the percentages of appearance of this object in each place of the battle royale. I leave you with the list below:

  • 40% in special chests
  • 20% in normal chests
  • 30% on deliveries of supplies
  • 15% as loot on the ground

What do you think of this new Fortnite weapon? I read you in the comments.

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