“It’s pay-to-lose”, Overwatch 2 fans criticize Ashe’s new skin

Despite the criticism, Overwatch 2 continues to expand. Like every week, new cosmetic items have arrived in the store and are now available for purchase. Among the most interesting novelties we find an unpublished skin from Ashe that already gave a lot to talk about.

Specifically, the Raijin skin turns the leader of the Deadlock Rebels gang into the God of thunder and lightning from Japanese mythology. The costume follows the theme of Season 3, as many cosmetic items in the Battle Pass and the store are inspired by deities from Asian cultures.

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This new Ashe skin is only available in the premium shop, which means you need to shell out 1,900 Overwatch Coins to get it. Even so, the fans of the character did not think twice and bought it.

However, the illusion turned into disappointment. The players are not happy and already classify the new suit as “pay-to-lose”. What are they referring to?

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Overwatch 2 players accuse Ashe’s new skin of being pay-to-lose

Through social networks and forums such as reddit, the players showed their discontent with the new skin of the character. They argue that people who use it in games will have a considerable disadvantage, why?

Fans point out that the skin changes the design of the main weapon. The problem is that the new design blocks a significant portion of the field of view when aiming down the scope, making it more difficult to be precise and spot enemies. This is a serious problem, especially when you consider that Ashe is a sniper.

Players highlighted this drawback and urged the community not to purchase the Ashe Raijin skin. It seems that these criticisms reached the ears of the developers. Jared Neuss, executive producer of Overwatch 2He spoke on social networks and stated that the study is already analyzing the situation, although he refrained from revealing whether they will update the design.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Blizzard Entertainment’s FPS has faced a pay-to-lose skin. In early January, he debuted a Medusa-inspired Widowmaker outfit that made a lot of noise when walking.

But tell us, do you like Ashe’s new look? Do you plan to buy it? Do you think the community exaggerates? Let us read you in the comments.

Overwatch 2 It is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can read more news about it if you click here.

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