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The analyst valued the effort and the second half in Colombia’s win against Spain.

Ivan Mejia and James Rodriguez.
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The Colombian national team defeated Spain 1–0 in a friendly match, the first victory against the former world champion in the history of the Tricolor.

The game started with a first half with barely any goals scored, but with a lot of control against opponent pace, with ball handling, a lot of clear chances and a great goal from Munoz.

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And although it was not exactly spectacular, many highlighted the behavior of the national markers, among them Iván Mejía, who gave Lorenzo’s team a carrot and a stick at the start.

“Solid blocks, compact team in defence, good relief and pressure to recover. In the defensive phase, everything is good. Nothing in attack, no possession, no handling, no spark. Absence of talent and they Don’t give Lucho.1110” the analyst said at the end of the first half.

But he, like all fans from afar, began to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the spectacular play of Munoz’s goal: “Wow, what a brilliant goal for the whole maneuver. James’s pass, Lucho’s player and the shot Muniz. Adjusting K’s body. Great goal!!”, he commented.

His conclusion, as always, was emphatic: “Paroditating Maturana: ‘James is the perfume of the team’. He brought orders and ideas. A great player, Muñoz’s brilliant goal, Vargas’s cover was fundamental. I liked the second part. “Well played. Lorenzo, why keep giving 45 minutes?”

In fact, what is almost a habit in Lorenzo’s Colombia, getting complicated in the first moments and getting it right in the second, remains an uncomfortable issue for many people. The results support this and it helps you work with peace of mind. But that mole is undoubtedly a pending issue.

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