Jeremy Renner will put his Hollywood career on the back burner after the accident ~ Marvel Universe 616

On New Year’s Day, Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner nearly lost his life in a horrific snow shovel accident near his home on New Year’s Day. The actor’s recovery is expected to be a long one, but a new report from Mail Online suggests his Hollywood career will be permanently put on the back burner. According to a purported insider who spent time with Renner, “While he still loves acting, Hollywood just isn’t a priority for him anymore.”

“Jeremy believes he survived the crash so he can use his platform to truly create change in the world,” they add. “He’s very proud of the work he’s done, but this whole situation has really shown him that there’s so much more he could do to help others.”

Renner broke more than 30 bones in the accident and is believed to be unable to walk for a while. The actor saved his nephew’s life on that fateful day, and it looks like projects like Disney+’s Rennervations (which sees the Avengers: Endgame star help communities across the globe) are likely to be his focus moving forward.

We weren’t expecting to see Renner in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars, while any plans for Hawkeye season 2 are almost certainly on the back burner right now. While Renner will certainly be missed in the MCU for years to come, the events of Hawkeye served as a passing of the baton from Clint Barton to Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. She has yet to make another appearance as the new Hawkeye, but she’s expected to be a major player in this shared world going forward.


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