Joan Laporta gives his opinion on the signing of Kylian Mbappe!

in an interview with sports worldThe preview of which was published tonight, Joan Laporta has assessed the expected signing of Kylian Mbappé for Real Madrid. The president of FC Barcelona has spoken clearly about the arrival of the eternal rival of the French.

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“Do I envy Madrid for Mbappé? No, not at all, not at all. Besides, I don’t know if they will do it or not. We’ll see. I have no information, only intuition. They have a problem. Is there. We’ll have to sell some player (if Mbappé comes), right? Because both of them are not going to play in the same position and they are also very marked players. And speaking of numbers, it will definitely distort the locker room. This is not a gift.”The leader tells.

He also talked about the shirt issue and sponsor change: “It’s been twenty-seven years with Nike, we have had meetings from time to time, we are having meetings, they have made an effort which I have appreciated very much but it is not enough. Now that we are in the process of economic recovery What will happen is we cannot do that go down, Barça he must have the best contract on the market, but the best is the best contract on the market, as I did in my first step. What we currently have The contract he has is not the best on the market and Barça is the club that sells the most shirts in the world. “He should have the best contract on the market and if not, fortunately we have other options.”,

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