Jorge Pinos causes short circuit in Capwell: 0-0 draw with Emelec Mushuk Runa in Pro League | National Championship game

Jorge Pinos, the goalkeeper trained at Barcelona SC, embarrassed the thousands of fans who came to the Capwell Stadium to support Emelec this Friday, March 8 night. In the match that started on the second day of the first leg of Pro League Series A, the Blue Team had to be content with a 0-0 draw against Mushuk Runa.

This was Bombillo’s first meeting in his castle this season; While in the beginning of the tournament they defeated Deportivo Cuenca 2–1 at the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar Stadium.

Crorepati missed his target in the first half. He had quick connections with John Jairo Sanchez and Juan Pablo Ruiz on the wings; And with Cristian Erbes and Marcelo Melli in the center of the field of play, but forward Facundo Castelli did not have his vision to beat goalkeeper Jorge Pinos.

Sánchez sneaked in from the left and launched a cross which was headed by Ruiz and goalkeeper Pinos made a brilliant save in the round (16 minutes).

In another attack by the Millionaires at 22 minutes, Romario Caicedo became free to attack and after avoiding the mark of several rivals he fired a powerful shot which Pinos also stopped without problem.

With the field tilted in his favor due to his wide dominance, he once again arrived with danger: on this occasion, Castelli, taking the mark of some defenders, took a cross shot and Pinos kept the ball in his hands. Good Moment Confirmed (32 min)

Already transformed into a figure of the game, the goalkeeper Pinos (champion of Independiente del Valle of the Copa Sudamericana in 2019) made Sánchez uncomfortable with his passing, who scored with a hat shot but this action was ruled out for offside (32 minutes). Was cancelled. ,

The Ponchito team responded with a counter-attack that came from the right side and on the edge of the six-yard box Stiven Tapiero was brought down with a foul by Gustavo Cortez, who was cautioned with a yellow card (33 minutes).

Joaquin Verges took a free kick foul, which was awarded by the referee, but the ball hit the barrier which was stopped by the light bulb.

At the end of the first half, defender Aníbal Leguizamón joined the attack and dared to face goalkeeper Pinos, however, his shot was deflected (45 +2 minutes).

To improve the functioning of both teams, their technicians made several changes: Emelec did not help improve his goaltending; And Mushuk Runa became aggressive in attack.

In the 63rd minute, Castelli outwitted all opponents in his path and was blocked by an opponent as he prepared to finish. This increased the disappointment in Capewell among his fans.

After several struggles and unsuccessful advances by Ponchito, midfielder Mauricio Alonso dared to kick from mid-range and the freak ball did not want to go in (73 minutes).

And to add to Pinos’ statistics in this match, attacker Washington Corozo made a powerful shot from his right and goalkeeper Mushuk Runa with a cat’s reaction blocked it with his hands (84 minutes).

Next week, Mushuk Runa will play against Imbabura on Saturday (1:00 pm) on their court; And on Sunday (6:00 pm), Emelec will visit El Nacional at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium. (D)

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