Juliano returns to CS: GO after his successful stint in VALORANT

If we had to choose an esports reference, Julia «⁠Julian⁠» Kiran would appear in several answers. The Swede was one of the best players in the history of CS:GO and showed his enormous level also in VALORANT. After more than a year succeeding in the shooter of Riot GamesJuliano returns to the title of his loves to form a competitive roster at G2 Esports. zAAZ, kr4sy, manka and kyossa end up forming this so-called G2 OYA.

In September 2021 the legendary player confirmed his departure from CS:GO after the huge rise of VALORANT both in the amateur and professional scene. Juliano was one of the oldest players on the scene as well as being able to boast a huge list of honors, but the female scene of CS:GO He was not going through his prime. His success continued to grow in VALORANT after passing through XSET, The Originals and G2, triumphs that have made her the most relevant esports player today. Despite everything, Juliano returns to the FPS of VALVE after seeing how the female scene recovers level thanks to the circuit of ESL Impact.

G2 OYA will be led by Juliano

Juliano herself returns to CS:GO hand in hand with Zainab «zAAz» Turkie, another legend of both titles. The two Swedes will team up with kr4sy, manka and kyossa in a G2 Esports that also wants to win titles in the women’s scene. “The G2 Oya project is special to me because it is a new beginning. I return to my homeland, Counter-Strike, together with my duo zAAz”, Juliano highlighted in the official statement. The solid circuit of ESL Impact It’s attracting big organizations and players, so these aren’t going to be the only moves.

Without a doubt, G2 Esports wants to be one of the benchmarks of the CS:GO feminine and the return of Juliano may be the end of the absolute dominance of Nigma Galaxy, a group that has won all the trophies on the scene. With all this, the G2 OYA will be made up of the following players:

  • Zainab «⁠zAAz⁠» Turkie
  • Julia «⁠juliano⁠» Kiran
  • Anastasia «⁠kr4sy⁠» Khlobystina
  • Oleksandra «⁠manka⁠» Kruspe
  • Aleksandra “kyossa” Tychanska

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