Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” reaches 1 billion streams on Spotify

Launched in October 2021, Justin Bieber’s last big hit, “Ghost”, which became widely famous for its videoclip starring alongside actress Diane Keaton, finally reached the mark of 1 billion streams on Spotify in March 2023 .

The song becomes just the singer’s 13th song to reach such a mark, alongside his other classics like “Love Yourself”, “Sorry”, “Let Me Love You”, “I Don’t Care”, “Cold Water”. , “What Do You Mean?

The song (and video) for Ghost follows a family dealing with grief. Check out the clip below:

Until 2022, Justin Bieber occupied the 3rd position of the most heard singers on Spotify, with more than 72 million monthly listeners, just behind Ed Sheeran who still occupies the 2nd place of the most heard singers on the platform with approximately 78 million listeners monthly and that, before Bieber, he was the first singer to have 11 songs with more than 1 billion hits on streams.

But now, thanks to “Ghost” being a recurring hit, Bieber now extends his record as the artist with the most songs with that tag in the history of the platform. Remembering that the music video marked the reissue of the Justice album, now subtitled The Complete Edition in 2021, which currently remains highly positioned among the global charts and completed a total of 100 weeks on the Billboard 200 on the last day 06/03.

This collection of hits seems almost to come as a gift of improvement and relief for the singer who in September of last year had all the shows canceled until January of this year due to his diagnosis with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome that left part of his face paralyzed. and for a long time he had to stay off touring to take care of his health.

Recently, the actor posted a video on his social networks reassuring fans, showing his improvement in treatment. May this newest success symbolize and mark your brief return to action!

Featured Photo: Justin Bieber in concert (Reproduction / I have more records than friends)

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