Karmaland did not win at Esland 2023, but her fans know she is the best

After the celebration of Esland Awards 2023one of the surprises (and disappointments) was that Karmaland V did not win in Best Content Seriesbeing surpassed by the Dedsafio 2.

Although many agree that the ded challenge 2 It was very important, the vast majority consider that Karmaland V deserved to win at the 2023 Esland Awards for its entire history.

Even so, those who saw and were present at Karmaland V have not stopped supporting the series, mentioning that it is the best that has been and will be in history.

They also affirm that it did not receive recognition in the Esland 2023 not because it is inferior, but because it is superior to all the others that they were nominated.

Hence, they have pushed her aside at the 2023 Esland Awards.

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Support for Karmaland (Special)

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Support for Karmaland (Special)

Karmaland has never won at the Esland Awards

Although there are barely two editions of the Esland Awardsit is curious that karmalandone of the most famous content series, has not won an award so far.

In fact, at the 2022 Esland Awards, she was not even nominated in the category, which also made fans very angry at the time.

That year, the Best Content Series went to tortillalanddriven Auronplay; to mention that it is also considered one of the most emblematic in the world of streaming.

The big problem with Karmaland and Esland 2023 is that it has a lot of quality competition, which makes it difficult to opt for just one of these virtual events.

What is Karmaland?

karmaland is a series in Minecraft created by Vegeta 777, with the support of Alexby, Luzu, Willy and Stax; of these only two players remained, the founder and Stax.

The point of Karmaland is to see the previous personalities playing a modified version of Minecraft, in which they create a village and “live” for a set amount of time.

What is interesting is to see the interactions between them and how they carry out their tasks in this virtual environment; which has led to multiple anecdotes for content creators and fans.

karmaland has had 5 editionsalthough it had a 2-year layoff between 2019 and 2022, where the players did not develop this series.

The reasons for this temporary suspension were never given.


karmaland (Special)

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