Karmine Corp misses out on the playoffs for the first time in its history

the league French (LFL) has had a historic opening stretch of 2023 considering the development of the competition in recent years. For the first time since his arrival, Karmine Corp will not play a playoff in the French competition. The entity founded by content creator Kamel Kebir «kameto»has finished the regular season in ninth position with a record of seven wins and 11 losses. The organization’s results come despite keeping two of its key players from past seasons.

Karmine Corp has surprised by signing the worst season in its history. Coincidentally, during the same divided that KOI has also had its worst record to date. To date, KCorp did not know what it was like to stay in the playoffs or have a negative record. During the last Summer Split the entity was sixth both in the regular phase (9-9 record) and in the playoffs after losing against GameWard by 1-3.

Karmine Corp’s results come despite keeping two key players in the project: Lucas Simon-Meslet «Cabochard» and Lucas Fayard «SAKEN«. During the last Dogukan Balci transfer market «113» and Martin Larsson «Rekkles» set course for the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), while Jules Bourgeois «Hantera» opted for the newcomer Aegis project. As substitutes came Duncan Marquet «Skeanz», Muhammed Hasan «kaori» and former Heretics player Alexandru Kolozsvari «whiteinn«. In short, on paper he had a team to reach the playoffs.

An extremely competitive LFL

Within the worst result in the history of Karmine Corp, it should be noted that the LFL had not closed the playoff positions until the end of the last day. During the eighth week of competition, no entity had certified the ticket to the knockout phase. KCorp isn’t the only casualty missing from the playoffs, as Vitality.Bee will also miss out after finishing seventh with a 9-9 record. LDLC OL will be able to defend its title of current champion after finishing leader of the classification.

LFL standings for the last two weeks of the regular season | Screenshot via Liquidedia

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