Keylor’s brutal reaction after the announcement made by the Colombian coach about his indiscipline!


Nearly a decade after the problems of george louis pinto Many of the Costa Rican teams have completed a memorable 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but there are still some things that remain the subject of discussion.

And the novel that originated with the departure of the Colombian coach from the Costa Rica senior team almost 10 years ago has a new chapter this weekend, and its protagonist is also Keylor Navas.

last friday the colombian strategist Gave a statement to Diario AS Colombia And made strong statements against the Costa Rican goalkeeper who now plays for PSG.

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Pinto commented, “The only problem with Keylor Navas that I haven’t said and that I’m going to say in Costa Rica is that, for example, he wanted to play poker until 4 in the morning and I forbade him. done.”

“At the concentration he intended to go to his city (Pérez Zeledón) and he wanted to come the next day, I replied to him asking if I could go to his city with the whole team and train him,” he said.

Jorge Luis also indicated that when a decade passes after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he will reveal more details about what happened at that event.

“He has suddenly not been loyal and right but that is an issue I am going to address when the World Cup is ten years old, I have no relationship with him but he has harmed me. ” Goalkeeper’s reaction..

On Saturday, Keylor Navas published a video on his social networks, and without any address, it is clearly very clear that it was directed at Jorge Luis Pinto.

The publication of the Central American goalkeeper had hundreds of messages and likes in a few minutes and is about a story between a donkey, a tiger and a lion. Clear and direct message.

What Navas published:

Navas’ message in his video says the following in his narrative:

The donkey said to the tiger: – The grass is blue!

The tiger replied:- No! The grass is green.

Thus the discussion began and both of them decided to subjugate him to some other more intelligent animal, for this they went before the lion. Before reaching the clearing where he was sitting, the donkey began to shout: – Your Majesty!, Is it true that the grass is blue?

The lion calmly replied: – True!, the grass is blue.

Donkey spoke quickly and continued:- Tiger does not agree with this and contradicts me, please punish him.

The lion then announced: – The tiger will be punished with 5 years of silence!

At that sentence the donkey jumped with joy and continued on his way repeating: – The grass is blue…

The tiger resignedly accepted his punishment, but first he asked the lion: – Your Majesty, why did you punish me? After all the grass is green.

The lion then replied calmly:- Indeed, the grass is green.

The tiger asked with great surprise:- Then why are you punishing me?

The lion replied:- This has nothing to do with the question of what color the grass is. The punishment is because it is not possible for a brave and intelligent kitten like you to waste time in arguing with the donkey and on top of that, come to bother me with that question.

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