Kim Kardashian causes uproar in London and is called “cold feet”

The famous businesswoman and influencer American, kim kardashianwas recently seen in the city of London, accompanied by her son saint west. The act happened while they were visiting the famous Ferris wheel in London.

Naturally, the presence of Kim Kardashian caused quite an uproar among those present at the site. With her luxurious clothes and her elegant posture, the businesswoman did not go unnoticed among those who were also in line for the “The London Eye”.

Kim spotted with her son Saint on a Ferris wheel (Photo: Reproduction/Glamour)

In addition to visiting the Ferris wheel, Kim also took the opportunity to watch a football match at UEFA Europa League. She took her son, Saint West, to watch the match between Arsenal FC and the Sporting CPwhich happened in Emirates Stadium.

The game took place in the round of 16 of the tournament and was the second between the teams in the knockout stage. for leading the English Championship and being in a good phase, Arsenal were the big favorites to qualify. However, the London team ended up defeated on penalties by the Portuguese team, after an error by the Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli in the decision.

Kim shared on her Instagram some images of the match, where you can see her in the stadium stands next to her son. On social networks, many memes “blamed” The influencer for Arsenal’s elimination, even calling it “cold foot“.

But does not stop there. It’s worth remembering that the Kardashians are in the spotlight these days for other reasons. Chris Rockin his recently released Netflix comedy special, “Selective Indignation“, made some comments about the family, in particular about her past relationships with black men.

Rock pointed out that many of the women in the family kardashian dated or married black men, referring to Kanye West It is Lamar Odom, ex-husbands of Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, respectively. About Kris Jennerthe comedian stated that she would be like the “Statue of Liberty“, saying that she would leave”everyone come in“. Controversial as always, fired: “the Kardashians are inclusive and they love black people more than black people love black people”.

Despite Chris Rock’s banter, the Kardashian family is known for valuing diversity, and has been praised for issues related to equality and representation, especially in relation to black people.

In any case, Kim Kardashian’s presence in London was remarkable and caused a great uproar among fans and tourists who had the opportunity to see her up close. The businesswoman remains one of the most influential and controversial personalities of today, and will certainly continue to draw attention wherever she goes.

Featured photo: Kim Kardashian with her son Saint West at the soccer match. Playback/CNN

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