Kim Kardashian’s ex Pete Davidson suffers car accident in the USA – 06/03/2023

03/06/2023 | 21:42

Comedian Pete Davidson had an accident last Saturday. While driving alongside his current girlfriend, Chase Sui Wanders, he lost control, drove up the sidewalk and crashed into a fire hydrant on a Beverly Hills street. The magazine People had the information confirmed by the police.

Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Pete was speeding, according to TMZ. The accident occurred around 23:00.

Still according to the site, the two were photographed in Hawaii in the morning of the same day. TMZ also says that a police report has been filed for damage to public property.

Kim and Pete met in 2021, while participating in the program Saturday Night Live. The couple started their relationship in November of that year, but the romance came to an end nine months later, in August 2022, due to the distance and the high load of commitments for the two.


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