King Charles III abandoned his physician and returned to traditional medicine

Isabel II always knew who she should trust with her health., In 2014, after almost ten years as part of the royal family’s medical staff, Hugh Thomas chosen as senior doctor, After graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge and the London Hospital Medical College, he completed his training in the most prestigious British hospitals, in addition to participating in the Cancer Research Fund. In late 2021, Thomas received the badge of Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order at a ceremony where Elizabeth II expressed her gratitude for the care he had provided over the years. He was the one who ensured his health till the end. He died while on the throne at the age of 96., There is nothing else to say.

In December 2023, Charles III caused a major controversy by appointing a physician and defender of homeopathy as doctor to the royal family, is about michael dixon, is 71, and the replacement caused consternation in the health sector, where the decision was considered “concerning and inappropriate”. To forestall the comments, a lame statement was issued from the Palace indicating that traditional treatments could co-exist with other treatments.

It didn’t take long for the country’s media to publish their practices, such as Devil’s Claw for shoulder pain or an African bush called Horny Goat Weed for impotence, The doctor turned to homeopathy after inviting a practitioner who used to hand out cures to his NHS practice. La Razon also supported the king’s surprise decision and noted medical concerns in the country. Carlos has always supported these types of therapies that have no scientific backing. The medical community hoped that, once on the throne, he would abandon such support. This was expressed by Michael Marshall, spokesman for The Good Thinking Society, a non-profit organization that promotes scientific skepticism. His attitude would “push the boundaries of science towards pseudoscience”.,

Now, when Charles III was about to undergo surgery for benign prostate blockage and Princess Kate Middleton was admitted for an abdominal operation, the situation could have been even more delicate if they had not suffered two pathologies of some seriousness. , although benign in both cases, according to Palacios, The royal family has returned to traditional medicine, the only alternative to science, The Princess of Wales has been admitted to The London Clinic, a prestigious private referral hospital for members of the royal family and prominent personalities from around the world. As expected, this turn has provoked a reaction from alternative medicine professionals and the NHS, who have expressed their discomfort on their social networks and described Kate’s admission to a private clinic as “irresponsible” and “childish”. “He will be sent home in a few days here,” says a doctor who identifies himself as Dr. Mike.

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