KOI signs Starxo and closes its VALORANT roster for the VCT

AAlthough it was an open secret, now I know it’s official: koi has announced the last player on its roster VALORANT for the 2023 season on the VALORANT Champion Tour (VCT). It’s about the Polish player Patryk “starxo” Kopczynski.

With him, the starting quintet is now complete, although it has been difficult. The announcement, which has been delayed for various reasons, closes, thus, the move of the former Acend player to the Spanish club for the following season.

And the truth is that with this latest signing, KOI has closed a dream roster that can aspire to everything in the European competition. And not only because they now have one of the most dominant young talents on the scene, but because they have managed to create an apparently very balanced team that mixes both player experience and Koldamenta.

In fact, yesHe is expected to assume the role of in-game leader and deal with shotcalling. of the tents, since he accumulates a great experience to his credit. In fact, anything else would be strange, since the rest of his classmates are quite young.

So, KOI has opted for a roster that could have some problems for its first meetings, but with tremendous potential and great room for growth. Despite this, the talent of each and every one of its players is unquestionable.

This is the complete KOI roster for the VCT

  • José Luis Aranguren Herrero, better known as Koldamenta
  • Bodgan Naumov, better known as Sheydos
  • Nikita Cherednichenko, better known as Trexx
  • Berkant Joshkun, better known as Wolfen
  • Patryk Kopczynski, better known as Starxo
  • Head Coach: Andr Müller, better known as BARBARR
  • Strategic Coach: Alex Kie, better known as Goked
  • Sport Director/Manager: David Sabater, better known as Saba

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