KPI and Rebels Gaming take the lead in the VCL

On the second day of the VCL you can deduce a little how the season will be for the teams. KPIs Y Rebels Gaming They have decided to take a step forward with another victory to move to the top of the table. team cheese, Case Esports and Movistars Riders have achieved victory so as not to be left behind, but other teams like Ramboot and AYM They have added a new defeat.

Movistars Riders takes flight

The riders wanted to get on the path of victory after the defeat against Zeta, and they did so by beating the robots. They started this second day in Pearlwhere Movistar Riders he took the round of pistols with a good retake. Ramboot Club reacted by winning 5 rounds in a row, in all of them rushed one of the two sites with the aim of planting spike, a task they accomplished. From plante, they played a good postplant to get ahead. The riders were going to tie the tie with some good retakes, in this way the first half ended 6-6. With the change of sides the robots started strong in the first two rounds where they managed to defend the if you from B. From this point on, the horsemen transformed into a steamroller and did not concede a round. With this good offensive game they achieved victory with a 13-8.

KPI is here to stay

KPIs was facing UCAM, a duel between two teams that hope to be at the top of the table. started attacking KPIs in Ascent where they were at a very high level. those of insider They had a pretty clear strategy. rushed one of the two sites with entries aggressive, and from there they placed the spike to play postplant. In most rounds he gave them results ending the first half 9-3 in their favor. UCAM they took the first two rounds of the second part, but they had too big a result to come back. those of kyrrz defended the sites and they took the victory to continue with the good dynamics.

Team Queso starts engines

team cheese Get your first win against Zeta Gaming in a duel that was quite disputed. He started in the attack team cheese where they failed to get the best performance possible, partly due to the good defense of Zeta. The entries by those of Neptune They were being very good, but after the planting they couldn’t play a good postplant. The retakes by Zeta they followed one after the other and managed to finish the first round with a 7-5 in favor. However, with the change of roles team cheese I managed to react. The defense they made was quite good and allowed them to come back. They both closed very well sitesit was very difficult for the attackers to enter and they let us place the spike. On the few occasions that they managed to plant the spikethose of lowel they managed to do the retake. This way, team cheese He achieved his first victory to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth from the first day.

Rebels Gaming on the way to the title

Rebels Gaming He is going through a great moment of form and adds his second consecutive victory. AYM Esports harvest the second defeat, but there is still a lot of competition ahead. The rebels started on the attacking side, they started very well taking the first two rounds, but AYM He was going to answer by placing the tie on the scoreboard. The openkills of hastack they were being good at performing the entries to the sites. However, those of Danielo they were not making things easy for them. defense of AYM she was being quite aggressive, they wouldn’t let them plant the spike and in many rounds they managed to eliminate all the rivals. With the game even, came the change of roles where the rebels knew how to get the most out of the defense to take the victory. They put the padlock on the sites and with the good rotations they managed to secure the victory to continue the good run. They ended the match 13-10 and placed second in the standings.

Case Esports has woken up

After the defeat on the first day Case Esports has woken up, a club that wants to be at the top. he was facing falcons on the map of Ascent where they were at a high level. They began by attacking those of yurii that fit well in the sites and they took the first two rounds. In this first half, both teams were very even, it was a match of maximum equality where the rounds fell from both sides. In this way it ended with a 6-6 on the scoreboard, but in defense case I would bang on the table. In the second half they were much higher than falcons and they got their first victory with a 13-9.

Team Queso, Movistar Riders and Case Esports begin to warm up engines on the second day of the LCV and it seems that KPIs and Rebels Gaming They go for the title.

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