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KPI Gaming, a Spanish esports club recognized for its extensive track record in CS:GO, Fortnite and Valorant, has signed a collaboration agreement with the ONCE Foundation to promote the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities in the electronic sports industry.

In this way, KPI Gaming becomes the first esports club to collaborate with the ONCE Foundation, working together to develop activities and participate in events related to the sector.

The presence of KPI Gaming in this initiative includes several objectives that share the same idea of ​​raising awareness and integrating people with disabilities in the ‘esports’ sector, through projects such as ‘Ga11y’, demonstrating the possibilities that exist for them to be able to play and dedicate themselves professionally to it, occupying different positions in a club.

In addition, after signing the agreement, KPI Gaming wants to design a collaboration strategy for the next two years so that there are more spaces where the public can have contact with inclusive video games, approximately 100 titles.

Eric Murillo, COO of KPI Gaming, celebrated the agreement by pointing out that “it is an honor to be able to champion a project like ‘Ga11y’ that sets a precedent in the field of ‘esports’ and, in general, video games in our country. Bringing these closer to all people equally and making the industry known for its more social facet in its efforts to be more accessible every day make video games a space for everyone”.

For his part, José Luis Martínez Donoso, general director of the ONCE Foundation, stressed “the need to establish alliances with all the participants in this important economic sector such as video games. People with disabilities have the right to enjoy this leisure activity on equal terms and without discrimination.


To develop the objectives set out in the agreement, Fundación ONCE and KPI will work together to promote social and labor inclusion. On the one hand, the ‘esports’ club will advise with its own staff on all activities, projects, programs or initiatives that are decided within the electronic games industry.

For its part, Fundación ONCE will make the Inserta Empleo association available to the club to facilitate the hiring of people with some type of disability within ‘esports’.

The collaboration will also focus on the development of resources and joint training, which will promote awareness of universal accessibility. Related to this, the organizations will participate jointly in events related to the ‘esports’ sector, as well as in awareness-raising tasks.

The joint work is completed with the development of initiatives for the dissemination and awareness of the importance of universal accessibility and with the identification of activities that work for it.

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