Kyedae reveals that she hid cancer from her boyfriend and family

During a recent broadcast, the popular personality of twitch, kyedae, shared her experience of hiding from her fiancé her diagnosis of cancer and opened up about the range of emotions she experienced upon receiving the life-changing news.

Kyedae, whose real name is Kyedae Alicia Shymko, is a well-known Japanese-Canadian content creator and Twitch streamer. Her exceptional skills in the popular first-person shooter Valorant have earned her a huge following in the gaming community.

Kyedae is considered one of the best players in the Valorant community and is a member of the eSports organization, 100 Thieves. Her courtship with Tyson Ngo, a professional Valorant player known as TenZ, has cemented her reputation as a formidable duo in the gaming world.

However, on March 3, Kyedae shocked her fans and other content creators by revealing on Twitter that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Although Kyedae did not reveal his cancer status, she promised her fans that she would continue to broadcast and keep them informed during his treatment.

In her first stream after announcing her cancer diagnosis, Kyedae surprised her fans with some exciting revelations. Kyedae recounted that when she found out that she had cancer, she laughed.

He acknowledged that this may be provocative or uncomfortable for some viewers, but explained that laughing was his way of coping with the news. He believed that being sad would not make the cancer go away. Kyedae also shared how she coped with the diagnosis. She didn’t immediately tell anyone, not even her parents or her fiancé, Tenz.

Kyedae decided to delay telling Tenz of his cancer diagnosis until after the tournament, so he could focus on his game and work without extra worries.

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