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A stone’s throw from Hollywood, she dreams of becoming an actress, he dreams of opening his own jazz club… Between a tribute to musical comedy and a nostalgic look at a lost cinema, With Emma Damien’s spirited multi-Oscar winning film starring Chazelle Stone and Ryan Gosling. Is

Mia dreams of becoming an actress in Los Angeles. Between two auditions, she serves coffee near Hollywood Studios. Seb, a jazz pianist, has decided to play the repertoire at a restaurant he hates, while waiting to open his own club. Their shared aspiration to live for art brings the two young people together. But will their love conflict with their ambitions?

musical romance
From the very beginning, in one sequence shot, the tone is set: stuck in a giant traffic jam, passersby sway to “Another Day of the Sun”, music composed by Justin Hurwitz, singing and dancing on the roofs of cars and Los Angeles A tribute to the Angels, everyone came alive with the colors of their clothes (blue, yellow, green, red). Some will enjoy finding the references – along with this tribute to musical comedy women Of RochefortIs let’s sing Below There Rain or even red mill -, Damien Chazelle (Sprain) takes a look both euphoric and melancholy at a Hollywood that no longer exists: that of the show whose choreography, independently of The Fiction’s march, moved people to the rhythm of the iconic original soundtrack. Trapped in a new situation where storytelling is king, Mia and Seb, played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, dazzling as ever, are doomed to sacrifice their passions to fulfill their personal ambitions. But like his last film, babylonReleased in 2023, celebrating the cinema of the 1920s, the Franco-American director revives the romanticism of popular cinema of yesteryear and offers a glimpse of hope. If, from now on, dancing and singing are no longer self-evident, an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove that will free itself from the physical constraints of reality is nestled among the cardboard decorations of the California studio.

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