La Liendra asked a renowned Central American streamer to participate in a famous digital event and they said no

The content creator asked streamer Komanche to give him a slot for the series that he shares with AuronPlay and Komanche.  @la_liendraa - Instagram / @SquidCraftGames - Twitter
The content creator asked streamer Komanche to give him a slot for the series that he shares with AuronPlay and Komanche. @la_liendraa – Instagram / @SquidCraftGames – Twitter

On Sunday, January 29, the Esland Awards that highlights the best of the Spanish-speaking streaming community. The event, which was created by the renowned streamer The Grefg, was attended by more than 10,000 followers, who filled the seats of the National Auditorium in Mexico City, as well as renowned streamers such as Ibai Llanos, IlloJuan, El Mariana, Komanche , among others. The Colombian Juan Guarnizo was also present at the gala, as well as the content creator, The Liendra.

Although he hasn’t been on the Twitch platform for long, Mauricio Gomez, better known as La Liendra, he has bet everything on this new platform where he has been able to demonstrate his creative abilities and has had a much more direct closeness with his followers. The Colombian was at the awards organized by TI have Grefg and in his Instagram stories he showed how he was applauded by the Mexican public that came to the National Auditorium.

This event, which was broadcast in its entirety on The Grefg’s Twitch channel, had more than 1.6 million viewers and was a complete success with respect to the numbers it left. Likewise, the big winners of the night were the Colombian Juan Guarnizo, who was chosen as the best roleplayer of the year, the Argentine Spreen, who was chosen as the revelation streamer and Ibai Llanos, who for the second consecutive year became the best Spanish-speaking streamer.

The Liendra.  Photo: Instagram @la_liendraa
The Liendra. Photo: Instagram @la_liendraa

The recent Esland Awards confirmed the making of a second part of this miniseries that brings together the most recognized and successful streamers, but also gives lesser-known others the opportunity, this being a great window to make themselves known worldwide. . La Liendra, who was at the event in Mexico, saw the opportunity and approached Komanche, one of the organizers of the Squid Craft Games, with the aim of obtaining one of the quotas to this Minecraft event.

Komanche, in a recent live broadcast, revealed details of what happened with the Colombian content creator. “The gala ended and he arrived, I don’t even know who he was, but the bastard had a Colombian accent and he says ‘Hello, how are you’, I am… I don’t even remember his name, but he had the name of a disease that gives you in her hair (…) she told me, ‘hi, what’s up, I’m ‘El Liendras’ or something like that, it’s nice to meet you, look, I don’t like to talk much about numbers, but I have seven million followers on Instagram, I’m super glued and I have so many millions on TikTok and we are dabbling in the twitch race”.

“And he says, ‘now on Twitch we are having an average of 5 thousand viewers, we are going up, I don’t like to talk about numbersbut just so you know that we are hard on this aspect and I would like to ask you for an invite to the Squid Games’”, Komanche assured in his most recent stream. The content creator highlighted that after the request the Colombian responded, “Note that right now we are already sending forms.”

According to Komanche, the Nit replied, “‘No problem, but whatever I can contact your agent, my manager can contact you to balance something, to be able to enter'”, At this, the streamer told him, “No, it’s that we do everything, friend, it’s not necessary, a manager or anything like that and I already saved it”.

Despite the refusal, La Liendra continued to insist, to the point that at the Esland Awards after party, he looked for Komanche, but this time accompanied by his agent, in order to get a place in the Squid Craft Games and again received a refusal. “Friend, right now we have sent everything”, he replied.

The thing did not end there, since Komanche assured that he did not answer anything else to La Liendra, who, once he was going to leave, told him, “‘hearshow smart is Auron’ and I, yes, he is very intelligent and he tells me, ‘but do you know why I’m telling you? It’s that the jerk orders you to do everything, for you to organize it and he stays to receive the prize, he’s a crack, is the best”

At the beginning of 2022, a series was carried out in the Minecraft video game called the Squid Craft Games, a small series based on the renowned Netflix series ‘The Squid Game’ with the participation of 150 streamers Spanish-speaking people who competed against each other for several days with the aim of winning the grand prize of 100,000 euros. In the first edition, several of the favorites such as Auron, Rubius, The Grefg, among others, could not continue in the competition because they were hacked; on that occasion the finalists were The Xokas and Olliegamerz, the latter being the great winner of the event.

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