La Valhinoise Manon, first winner of Starmaker on RTL-TVI: “A dream that came true”

Kendji Girac, Lady Gaga, Slimane, Alicia Keys, Tina Turner, Edith Piaf, Beyoncé, Elvis Presley and Billie Eilish. From the first six shows or selected by the jury, there were nine lookalikes of their idol who advanced to the Starmaker final this Sunday evening on RTL-TVI. Among them, 20-year-old Manon of Valhain, a nursing student in Namur, was once again a unanimous favorite in the role of Billie Eilish. his explanation Dear Won the hearts of the jury and the public which made him the first winner of StarMaker.

Manon, what is your first impression?

Winning Starmaker is a dream come true. Since I was young, I have dreamed of being on stage and being on a TV set. I already participated in the casting of The Voice Kids but I was not selected, then I participated in The Voice Belgium but the coaches did not come.

To hear you say that the song is not new to you.

I have always sung and started learning singing at the age of 11. I have participated in some competitions in my field. At the age of 15, I recorded the first EP in Paris thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and you can listen to me on different platforms under the name Manon Boyer. I love it, I have always been attracted to the world of music as well as entertainment, dance and cinema.

Starmaker was a show made for you…

Yes, especially since I’ve always loved watching television shows. When I was told about the casting of Starmaker I thought why not give it a try. The concept of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is fundamental, I really went there to have fun and since 2,000 people registered for the casting, I never thought I would be taken. At the end, I still didn’t realize what was happening to me, but Starmaker really was an extraordinary experience with a very compassionate production team. I was there like family.

Was it your first choice to find yourself in Billie Eilish’s shoes?

Production was hesitant to cast me as Rihanna or Billie Eilish, who are two of my favorite singers. He chose Billie Eilish, who I feel closest to in terms of personality. I find her very natural and I recognize myself in her songs and the way she sings. we have many things in common. Transforming myself into Billie Eilish was a big challenge but ultimately not too complicated, even if I wasn’t used to dressing like her. But I saw him so much that it became easy to get into his character. Ultimately, the most complicated thing was changing my hairstyle.

Have your nails become unimpressive?

Too. Living with such long nails is complicated. During the first broadcast, they were placed with me the day before filming and logically I only had a few hours, but as soon as I qualified for the finals, I had to have them for an additional twenty days…

Everything else speaks for itself. During your trio with Ceva and Charlotte and during your two singles, you were unanimous.

It was great to win this trio. All three of us were really into it and I didn’t know how the jury would decide between us. But the jury members were very positive towards me and I remembered everything they told me. I really didn’t expect such a reaction from him.

And how did your loved ones live that experience?

Here also I got only positive comments. They were all proud of me for feeling the joy I felt on stage.

You’ve made no secret of going through tough times and suffering from anorexia. What a wonderful revenge!

Starmaker helped me with my treatment. The compliments I received made me feel valued and made me realize that I could still be happy. Although it is still mentally complex at times, I found myself and I feel free.

and now ?

Life goes on and if opportunities arise, I’ll take them. I’m going to put aside the €20,000 I won on the show because I’ll also get the chance to participate in Télévie en Folie. I will sing two songs that I have reserved as a surprise in the big hall and it will be another extraordinary moment.

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