Lamine ate Vinicius during his premiere at the Bernabeu

At its premiere at the Santiago Bernabéu, Lamin Yamal It came out in style. Madrid fans stand to say goodbye to the Barcelona youngster after his football performance against Brazil.

Lamin Yamal He made himself known in the manor of his eternal rival and in the match prepared for him Vinicius To fight against racism. The Brazilian forward should have been the main hero of Spain-Brazil on Tuesday, but he was overshadowed by a poor performance from Barca’s young team. What’s more, the Real Madrid footballer unceremoniously started a fight on the bench in the final minutes of the match.

After playing the second half against Colombia, Lamin Yamal He took ownership with the number 19 on his back, the same number that Messi wore when he debuted with the Argentina team. 10, currently and by the gallon, is for dani olmoWho was one of the protagonists of the match against ‘Canarinha’ with a stratospheric goal, which argues for him to wear the star number.

The Barça youngsters made the start by receiving a tough challenge from Joao Gomes in the first minute of the game. The Wolverhampton player wanted to mark him to start the match, but the game went horribly wrong. As was the case with Leo, it seemed like that ugly stomp woke the 16-year-old beast.

attacker of barcelona drove the left wing of the Brazilian defense crazy and both Wendell As lucas berardo (PSG defender) was chosen by Lamine, who missed some individual games to get the lift to the Santiago Bernabéu who could suffer again in a few weeks on 21 April, although this time wearing a Barça shirt.

in pieces Scored the first penalty after a great individual action and filtered the pass dani olmo, which he saw out of the corner of his eye and threw it at him in true Laudrup style. Then it was the quality of Terrasa that invented the second of La Rosa. A realistic goal.

In the second part, Lamin Yamal He also asked for the ball and showed his dribbling portfolio, positioning his body, letting it pass, stepping on the ball. He looked the most Brazilian in the whole area. And, in addition, he also generated action for the third Spanish goal with a wonderful pass to Carvajal, who guessed Berardo, who ultimately scored the penalty.

louis de la fuente He kept him on the field until the 92nd minute, when, empty and already very tired, he was replaced. He walked off to applause and yelling “MVP, MVP!” In purest Ronaldinho style in that 0-3 at the Bernabeu, a difficult image to picture, but somewhat easier on Tuesday when he was wearing not a Barça shirt but a red one. Certainly next April, in the League Classic, it will not be received in the same way.

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Effect in pieces In the new Madrid house. where you have to succeed Vinicius And they say Mbappé. Too Andrik, a year older than the Catalan Barça player. The young Brazilian, who came out very inspired on his debut at the Stadium of the Future, was also praised from the start. The goal on his first shot was of little use to them as Lamin’s brilliant performance had already overshadowed him. Perhaps that’s why he lost his temper and the referee forgave him for his expulsion after kicking from behind and without the ball. Cucurella, Bad start. The one from Lamin Yamal is much better.

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