Last chance to watch the film directed by Angelina Jolie

For several years being one of the great names in acting, Angelina Jolie decided to try new things. Faced with this desire, she embarked on the experiment of directing a film. Then, in 2014, it happened.

The film managed to portray some interesting points that occurred during World War II. After all, the story revolves around a young pilot who crashed into enemy terrain and was trapped for several days in a lifeboat, until his enemies approached.

Its title is “Invincible“, and the production achieved great prominence, even being nominated for three Oscar categories the following year.

The project undoubtedly provided a good glimpse of what happened in the mid-1930s. The struggle, the persistence, the need to stay alive and the courage to face fear and uncertainty. These were points covered in the film.

The trajectory of Angelina Jolie

The actress did well to make her debut with “Invincible”. However, before having the opportunity to develop the project, she played several roles in titles famous. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is a good example.

Released in 2005, the film had good repercussions and will now receive a spin-off series. “Malévola”, also released in 2014, was another successful work in Angelina’s career.

In which stream can I watch ‘Invincible’?

If you enjoyed the story of the film directed by Angelina Jolie, know that its days are numbered on the platform of Netflix. So, if you want to check it out while it’s still streaming, it’s a good idea to run and watch it before March 31st, as that’s the date the movie will be out of print.

The film, in addition to being directed by Angelina Jolie, features the performance of Jack O’Connell, the same one who participated in “71: Forgotten in Belfast”. In addition to Miyavi, Finn Wittrock, Luke Treadaway, Garrett Hedlund, Jai Courtney, Maddalena Ischiale, Vincenzo Amato, Domhnall Gleeson, John Magaro, Louis McIntosh and Ross Anderson.

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