Last Minute! Appointments for Spanish nationality expanded at Havana Consulate

Spanish Consulate in Havana announced The extension of appointments for applications for Spanish nationality by Laws 36 and 20 begins on 18 March.

IMPORTANT (See image attached at the end),

  • Reserved appointments cannot be canceled or extended.
  • Identity card number will be verified before appointment.

The first comments from the community revolved around the following:

-Unknown about the speed of registration: will the current slow pace be maintained or will the process be accelerated?

-Expectation of progress in resolution of files: It is expected that the extension of appointments will also bring more speed in the resolution of already submitted files.

-Request to extend appointments for marriage: The community also demands extension of appointments for the marriage process, as the current system presents difficulties in scheduling appointments.

The delay in registration of minors under Law 36 is one of the sources of frustration for descendants of the Spanish in Cuba. “Please, we need to speed up the registration of minors under Law 36, there is already a delay of 5 months, this is so unfair,” protested one man last February.

Law 36/2002 and Law 20/2022: Spanish nationality in Cuba

Law 36/2002, of 8 October, facilitates the acquisition of Spanish nationality for the descendants of Spaniards who lost it due to emigration. This possibility particularly benefits minors, who can opt for nationality up to the age of 20.

In the case of Cuba, since the age of majority is reached at 18, the period for choosing Spanish nationality ends at 20. Children of a Spanish father or mother of Spanish origin, born in Spain, can opt in at any time, without any age limit.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Memory Law (Law 20/2022) offers the possibility of obtaining Spanish nationality to several specific groups:

1. Descendants (children, grandchildren) of Spaniards who lost their nationality due to political, ideological, religious or sexual orientation deportation.

2. Daughters of Spanish women who lost their nationality by marrying foreigners before 1978.

3. Adult children of Spaniards who acquired nationality through the Democratic Memory Law or Law 52/2007.

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