Latvian security service investigates MEP accused of collaborating with Russia

Tatjana Zdanocka (Edu Botella/Europa Press)

Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka A criminal investigation is being conducted by the Latvian State Security Service. Alleged cooperation with Russian intelligence services,

The investigating agency gave this information to the news agency lying down He opened a criminal case On February 22, in view of the investigation initiated earlier by European Parliament For Zhdanoka’s alleged collaboration with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

Latvian newspapers in Russian insider The MEP was reported to have begun cooperating with Russian secret services soon after his election, in 2004,

based on research The emails that Zdanochka sent to his alleged contacts in Russia in which this provision has been made detailed information About his work as an MEP.

According to the Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Zhdanoka has denied cooperating with Russian intelligence and assured that one of the alleged Russian contacts was a childhood friend.

A spokesperson for Zdanoca assures that it is studying the possibility of filing a lawsuit against those responsible for this publication.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (EFE/EPA/Alexander Kazakov)

The Latvian politician, considered close to the Catalan independence movement, also asked for money to finance his political actions in both Latvia and the European Parliament. According to the newspaper article, On at least one occasion he asked for money in which for a concentration wanted to celebrate the victory of the Soviet Army in World War II,

last month, European Parliament Condemned Russian interference during the independence process in Catalonia, pointing directly to the contacts of former President of the Generalitat and current MEPs, carles puigdemontwith Former Russian spy in 2017and has demanded an internal investigation by the European Parliament as well as calls on Spanish authorities to effectively investigate its connections Catalan separatism with the Kremlin,

The proposal was approved with 433 votes in favor, 56 against and 18 abstentions. Russian interference in democratic processes in Europeand demanded, among other things, that Spain investigate the links between Catalan separatism and the Kremlin within the framework of the independence process.

On PP’s proposal, An amendment has been approved which makes specific reference to former President of generalitatPointing out that information from various investigative journalists shows Met with former Russian diplomat Nikolau Sadovnikov on the eve of independence referendum October 2017. This mention is in line with the judicial case investigation that points to contacts between independence leaders and former Russian officials.

Similarly, the European Parliament called on the competent judicial authorities to do the same “Effectively investigate the connections of MEPs allegedly linked to the Kremlin and Russia’s efforts to destabilize and interfere in the EU”, a reference that fits with the position of former President Catalan and current MEP, although he did not mention his name explicitly.

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