LCK: T1 advances steadily and leads the table at the start of the league

After the first few weeks of action in the Spring Split, T1 is the sole undefeated leader in the LCK standings.

At its inception, the most important League of Legends competition in South Korea has Faker and company as undefeated. The LCK recently wrapped up its second week and the position table has T1 at the top after the victory against Dplus KIA. So far, the three-time world champion has shown a great level and his next opponent will be one of the toughest in the tournament.

During the month of January, all the leagues in the world began the competitive activity of this first part of the year. Of course, South Korea was no exception and this Sunday culminated with its second week of the Spring Split. In this case, the LCK position table is led by Faker’s T1, which so far is the only unbeaten player in the tournament. In his debut, the current Worlds runner-up defeated by 2-0 to Gen.Gwhile it closed the first week prevailing by 2-1 to KT Rolster. However, the team’s most important win would come in week 2.

In their third meeting of the Spring Split, T1 took the victory by 2-0 against Kwangdong Freecs in a more than forceful way. In fact, neither of those two games exceeded 30 minutes and saw the debut of Caitlyn support for Keria. Finally, Faker’s team faced Deft’s Dplus KIA, who came undefeated to that match. Finally, T1 ended up winning 2-1 after remounting the series and Korean support continued to do their thing, this time with a Kalista. In this way, the LCK only has a single leader and undefeated after having played two weeks of competition.

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In short, T1 seems to have no rival so far and will seek to continue his streak, in what will be the start of the third week in the LCK. The next match will be against Hanwha Life which, although it is not having a good start to the season, has big names like Kingen, Zeka and Viper.

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