LCK: The Spring Split Playoff duels were defined

The LCK Spring Split Playoffs are just around the corner and the matchups are already decided.

The most important League of Legends competition in Korea is approaching the next phase and recently defined its qualifiers. This Sunday, the Spring Split of the LCK culminated with the Regular Phase and already defined the duels he will have in the Playoffs. Here at CodigoEsports we show you the bracket and when the matches will begin.

As the competitive season of LoL progresses, we are approaching the Mid Season Invitational in London, England. This will be the first international tournament of the year and, in addition, it will be premiering a new format. However, before setting eyes on MSI, the respective regional leagues will have to define their representatives. In this case, the LCK closed its Regular Phase and next week it will begin with the Spring Split Playoffs. Those classified for the next phase are T1, Gen.G, KT Rolster, Dplus KIA, Hanwha Life Esports and Liiv SANDBOX. On the other hand, the confrontations for the Playoffs are already defined.

LCK Spring 2023 Playoff Bracket

In the first instance, KT Rolster had the possibility to choose his opponent for his match, thus opting for Liiv SANDBOX. In this way, the other side of the bracket there was a meeting of the highest caliber between Hanwha Life and Dplus KIA. It should be noted that this phase will be direct elimination, since the Lower Bracket will start from the second round. Precisely at this stage are located T1 and Gen.G, who took first and second place, respectively. In fact, Faker’s team will have the chance to choose their rival from the two that win in the first round.

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Definitely, LCK Spring Split Playoffs will begin on March 22 with the duel between Liiv SANBOX and KT Rolster. A day later, Dplus KIA will face Hanwha Life in the most attractive match of this phase. Remember that all the action of this league can be followed through Twitch.

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