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the peruvian league League of Legends has kicked off the 2022 season. The tournament is organized by Claro Gaming and the Professional Video Game League and you can watch all the games through the LVP’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

On Thursday, January 26, the league resumes with the matches of the second week. It will be a double date where we will have important matches such as Antares Esports and Cremas Esports, who have not managed to score points yet.

Vipers and Diamond Doves will close the first date this week. The pigeons have the opportunity to take away the invite from the vipers, but it will not be easy, since on the first day of the tournament, Vipers defeated Red Eye by two to zero.

On Saturday, January 28, the Claro Gaming Stars League will return with the two pending matches of the second week. Red Eye faces Incubus and Spectacled Bears will have the difficult task of lowering Mad Kings from the first position.

Claro Gaming Stars League week 2 matches

Thursday January 26

  • Esports Creams vs. Antares Esports
  • Vipers vs. Diamond Doves

Saturday January 28

  • Red Eye vs. incubus
  • Spectacled Bears vs. mad kings

You can follow the tournament on Twitch and YouTube. Remember to check the web portal to know all the statistics in real time. The table is also kept updated via Twitter.

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