League of Legends confirmed the venue for the next World Cup 2023

The videogame League of Legends It has one of the most prestigious competitive scenes within the global context of electronic sports (esports). Its organizer, LOL Esports, confirmed this Monday the venues of its two major annual events: the World Cup (known as Worlds) and Mid Season Invitational (MSI).

The brand new announcements came accompanied by the start of the 2023 Season of League of Legends. A two-day event with players from the leagues League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) made up of the United States and Canada; League of Legends European Championship (LEC); League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) from China; League of Legends Japan League (LJL), CBLOL from Brazil; Latin American League (LLA), Pacific Championship Series (PCS) that make up the Southeast Asia and Oceania teams; Y Viet Nam Championship Series (VCS).

All the professional teams from each of these nine leagues made their players available for this “Start of the Season”, which is played in a best-of-three format.

One of the main particularities of the event is that can’t lock champions, that is, the participants have at their disposal all the characters of the video game. Of course, they cannot be repeated.

Each of the professional teams that represent the winning team will be able to create a gesture with the video game designers to be included in League of Legends.

The World Cup returns to South Korea, cradle of League of Legends

The Korean team DRX is the last world champion of the League of Legends video game.  Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports.

The Korean team DRX is the last world champion of the League of Legends video game. Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports.

When it comes to the best League of Legends regions in the world, South Korea is the place. Esports were born on the Asian peninsula and it is the cradle of several video game world champions such as T1 (2013, 2015, 2016), Samsung White/Galaxy (2014), DAMWON (2020) and recently XRD (2022).

For this year’s edition, Worlds will change its format. It is expected that 22 teams can face each other as usual in three phases of competition: the Play-Ins, the Swiss System phase and the Qualifiers.

But before the start of the main event, there will be a new ranking level: Worlds Qualifying Serieswhich will face the fourth-ranked team from the LEC and the fourth-ranked team from the LCS in a best-of-5 series. The winner of that matchup will secure their berth to Worlds.

The winner of the qualifying series and the other 21 qualified teams will travel to Korea to compete in Worlds, with 8 of those teams starting in the Play-Ins phase. These will be made up of 2 classified teams from the VCS and the PCS; one corresponding to ALL, CBLOL and LJL; and the winner of the Worlds Qualifying Series.

Then, the 14 qualified teams will start in the group stage in format “all against all or Swiss System” along with the 4 qualified teams from the LPL and LCK and the 3 teams from the LEC and LCS.

The Play-Ins consist of two four-team double-elimination brackets. In each group, participants will compete in a best-of-three double elimination bracket. The winner of one group bracket will play a best-of-five series against the runner-up of the other bracket, for a place in the Swiss System phase.

Regarding the group stage, which will be played in best-of-five-round series, in which teams with the same win-loss rate will compete against each other until they reach 3 wins or, failing that, 3 losses. .

The phase will begin with random matchups between teams from different regions. Those teams will play a single best of 1 match.

In the second round, the teams will be matched up against others with the same track record of victories. This matchmaking mode will continue for a total of five rounds. Teams will advance to the Knockout phase when they achieve 3 wins, or they will be eliminated after 3 losses.

The series that can eliminate or advance a team will be the best of 3, while the rest will be the best of 1.

“For this Worlds, we wanted to provide more game in series and more opportunities for interregional competition. We also wanted to ensure that every single Worlds game played something important and minimize the number of knockout matches that have no impact on the outcome of the tournament for both teams,” they said from LOL Esports.

And they added: “With a multiple elimination format in the Play-Ins and in the Swiss System phase, the teams will have the opportunity, even at the beginning of the tournament, to return to the competition, even if they have had a bad start, and that gives us It will allow us to continue watching our favorite players compete”.

London will host the Mid-Season Invitational

On the other hand, the thirteen best teams in the world will face for the title of MSI champions. This tournament, which usually marks the middle of the competitive season, allows the thousands of fans of the video game to see the potential of many teams that can be candidates in Worlds 2023.

For this year, MSI will be based for the first time in London, England, and with the largest number of teams (13) so far. Also, will feature two double elimination phases: the Play-Ins phase and the brackets phase.

The pre-filter before the group stage will include eight teams: the two qualifiers from the LEC, the LCS and the LPL, and the qualified team from the LLA, CBLOL, PCS, VCS and LJL ( 11 teams in total) In 2023, the second in the LCK will qualify directly to the bracket phase, since they were the champions of Worlds 2022.

These eight will be divided into two groups of four to compete in best-of-three double-elimination matches. The winner of each group and the winner of a match, called Last Chance Qualifierbetween the second winners of the two keys will go to the key phase, where they will meet the five from the direct classification.

Already in the key phase, eight teams will face each other in a double elimination to the best of five. Here will be included the three winners of the Play-Insas well as the first teams from the LEC, the LCS, the LPL and the LCK, and the second team from the LCK.

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