League of Legends hides a first preview of Milio, the new champion, on the PBE

Recently one of the most assiduous content creators of League of Legends ha shared a very curious video in which we can see a kind of wink or easter egg related to one of new champions that will be released this year 2023 in the MOBA of Riot Games. We refer to thousandthe new supporter who will be accompanied by tiny beings of fire which Riot has already featured on the Rift map, as you can see below.

Milio’s first preview in LoL lets us meet his fire partners

The video cut that we have linked to you in this news, and that does not reach last not even a minuteit is courtesy of the user SkinSpotlights. In the video (which should be noted that it is not an official creation of Riot Games), we can see through PBE servers about cute balls of fire that the YouTube user has dubbed “Firebuddys”.

Specifically, these fireballs can be find in bot street of the map currently, in one of its corners. The most curious thing is that these balls of fire would have a direct relationship with the new champion Milio, of which many details are still unknown. However, we have known for a few months that Milio will arrive in 2023 and has been described as a “lovely” new support coming from the region of Ixtal.

He chief producer from Riot Games, Lexi “lexical” Gao, explained last year that Milio acquired “a incredible understanding of the axiom of fire at a very young age. Milio does not use fire to destroy cities, but to heal wounds”. It has also been said of Milio that the character is cheerful and proud and takes “his family’s hopes and dreams in tow” as he travels Runeterra assuming the challenges that come his way.

Milio is a sorcerer from Ixtal with incredible prowess of the fiery axiom from a young age. He is able to use fire to heal.

Surely these small fires that can be seen in the video They will be a fundamental part of the skills kit that Milio will present. Although more details are unknown at the moment, it is interesting to see that Riot has left this clue about the champion on the PBE. We can consider it a kind of first teaser or advance about the champion We hope this means that there is less to go for an official presentation of the character. Do you want to meet him?

League of Legends is the popular MOBA from Riot Games that is found totally free for pc gamersIf you are interested in learning more about him, you can read our analysis.

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