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The best teams of League of Legends from the region have the opportunity to lift the Apertura Cup and qualify for MSI 2023, the first international tournament of the season.

In the last two days, Six Karma, the big surprise of the season, managed to get into the semifinals. He finished fourth in the table in the regular season and is now one of those who can win the cup.

In their series against league favorite Estral Esports, they managed to secure the first point and Estral responded with a win. Everything would be defined in the next two games, which were in favor of Six Karma.

The other playoff match that has already been played was between Isurus and Movistar R7. It was a much more even series, since it extended until the fifth game. The end result favored R7.

The two winners meet in the first semifinal, which has been scheduled for March 28. The rest of the clubs will play the lower bracket or the losers bracket.

March 21 match

infinity vs. All Knights – 5:00 p.m.

On March 21, the first match of this key will be played: Infinity vs. all Knights. Both were in position 5 and 6 in the table respectively and now everything is at stake in this series.

Follow all the games of the event through the official YouTube and Twitch channels of the Latin American League. In the following links you will find the transmission in Spanish.

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