League of Legends MMO loses its producer, WoW systems designer

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the universe of League of Legends ha lost its producer, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, who has announced that he is leaving Riot Games. Street’s involvement in the project is one of the reasons why there are so many expectations in this game of which we have not yet seen anything, since it was the lead system designer of world of warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment.

“Hello internet. Thanks for all your support over the past few months while I was offline. I’m back with some important news to share: I have decided to leave my role in Riot Games“, the executive producer said in a message on Twitter posted on the night of March 7.

“A combination of personal and professional reflections have led me on this path. We experienced some devastating personal losses in the past year and I want to be closer to what’s left of my family“, Street explains in the Twitter thread. “While I was out I thought a lot about my career. Grief has a way of focusing on what’s most important to us (although I generally don’t recommend it). And after nine years at Riot I think it’s time for something new!”

The future of the online MMO Lol not in danger

What was one of the pillars in the design of world of warcraftthe most popular MMORPG ever, announced the MMO in December 2020. “I said from the beginning that creating an MMO of League of Legends worthy of all of you it was going to be a long trip“, says the developer now.

“The most important job I could do as part of it was create an amazing teamand although I generally try to be humble, I will always brag about this team!” Thus, Street calms things down by ensuring that “the MMO is in good hands”and that it is time to “pass the reins to the next phase”.

In this sense, it has also been pronounced Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill, President from Riot Games, who thanks Street for his new years at Riot. “First, we are still in an early stage of development“, he says referring to the MMO, “but we have a clear direction that we are very excited about. We are working hard to offer an experience that you will love “. However, he remembers that the road to premiere is “VERY long”.

“We believe in this game and the team that works on it. If we treat development as a race, Greg has run a wonderful first part with an incredible team, and I know that whoever picks up the baton will be ready for success from now on,” concludes the Riot Games gyrfalcon, before recalling that they continue to hire to add people to that team.

As for the future of Greg Street, who in recent years has been director of design for League of Legends and head of creative division at Riot Games (where he has worked on the television series Arcanein the music band K/DA, in Reams of Runeterrain the independent games publishing label Riot Forge and in comics with Marvel), the producer assures that he will continue in the video game industry, in which started as a game designer from the first expansion Age of Empires and its two sequels.

News in Lol and date of The Mageseeker

In other news about Riot Games, in the last hours we have learned the news of the update 13.5 of League of Legendswhich include a rework from Yuumi. In addition, this Tuesday the release date of The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Storywhich will be available with several editions on April 18.

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