League of Legends receives an emergency update to fix two gigantic bugs from the latest patch – League of Legends

Following the changes in Patch 13.3, Riot Games has been forced to carry out an emergency update to prevent two champions from being able to break League of Legends.

The last patch of League of Legends It has been particularly problematic for Riot Games. The difficulties to introduce it due to to the recent computer attack suffered by the company added to the misjudgment of the developers. After the last update there have been two champions that have shone to such an extent that the company has had to introduce emergency fixes to correct a dramatic situation for the balance of the game. Both Annie and the new Aurelion Sol have received major nerfs..

Two monstrous champions after the last patch

If we recently talked about the strongest champions in the history of League of Legends, Annie has been on the verge of entering the classification. She probably never will because Riot Games only took 24 hours to act. However, the champion came to reach a win rate close to 57% at the highest ranks of the game when used in the mid lane. The situation as support was not much different. Although with a slightly lower record (around 55%), he was the best character in this position by far.

Aurelion Sol’s situation was somewhat less dramatic on the surface. The champion has moved in a win rate of around 53.2%. However, this is even more serious. When a new champion is released (and for gameplay purposes this is a new champion) their initial win rate is usually very low due to the lack of experience of the players. In this sense, if Riot Games had not taken action, it is likely that the celestial dragon would have risen to cosmic levels of power in just a few days. In fact, his “nerf” might not lower the win rateif not simply avoid the climb.

The changes introduced to both champions are as follows…




aurelion sun

Life per Level: 106

Q – AP Ratio (Explosion): 50%

E – AP Scaling: 40%

E- Kill stacks (epic monsters): 10

E – Kill Stacks (Giant Monsters): 5

R – Shockwave Slow: 75%

Life per Level: 100

Q AP Ratio (Explosion): 40%

E – AP Scaling: 25%

E- Kill Stacks (Epic Monsters): 5

E – Kill Stacks (Giant Monsters): 3

R – Shockwave Slow: 50%


Armor per level: 5.2

E – Mana Cost: 40

E – Shield Power: 55% AP

Armor per level: 4.7

E – Mana Cost: 60-80

E – Shield Power: 40% AP

The changes to Annie are pretty easy to understand since she’s a champion that pretty much every player in League of Legends know and that he has barely received a drop in power on his shield, which is also more expensive. With Aurelion Sol it is normal if things get complicated. This character has had his life growth reduced per level, so that he has slightly less durability in late game. He too Q (Breath of the Gods) burst damage when it accumulates all five charges. Lastly, the stacks gained with E (Singularity) so you can abuse less of the upgrades to your abilities and the R global slow (Shooting Star/Celestial Dusk) when launched with maximum loads.

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