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The LOL Worlds 2022 have been the competition with the most views in MOBA history, breaking audience records with a peak of more than 5 million viewers.

If there is a video game with great popularity, historically, that is without a doubt League of Legends, since it is popularly considered the flagship of electronic sports. The history of this game begins in 2009 at the hands of RIOT Games with the release for PC. LOL, short for League of Legendsis a videogame of the MOBA genre in which you have to make decisions in seconds, speed and strategies are crucial for the dynamics of the game.

In 2022 League of Legends was the video game with the most views on the Twitch streaming platform, accumulating 141.94 million hours viewed with a peak of 5,147,699 viewers. For this reason, the “Worlds” of League of Legends are the most popular event in the world and, therefore, the one with the greatest impact among electronic sports.

The world championship of this title, also known as “LOL Worlds”is the main annual international tournament, in which the best teams face each other to achieve the title of world champions and win the much-awaited Summoner’s Cup. More than 800 gamers, spread across more than 100 professional teams, compete in a dozen leagues around the world to qualify for this year-round tournament. This annual event is held in different regions.

The World Cup consists of three phases, the opening phase, the group phase and the qualifying phase. A region’s players will depend on their previous international performance, with the highest-performing regions sending some of their qualified teams directly to the group stage, with the rest having fewer qualifiers or starting in the opening phase. There is a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and it is awarded to the most outstanding player in the tournament.

The “Worlds” League of Legends event was created in 2011 for the first time by the game’s developers, RIOT Games, and the idea of ​​this event was the same as today: to bring together the best gamers in the world to compete against each other. For them, more than a decade after its staging, we can assure you that this game is at its peak, facing a new stage and with the challenge of continuing to reign throughout the world. For this reason, the monitoring of LOL events, as is the case of “LOL Worlds”, has an important impact on several levels. One of them is, of course, social networks, and not only in terms of broadcasting platforms, such as Twitch, but also others such as Twitter, where many fans share their opinions regarding the future of the competition. Another of the scales of the expectation that this tournament creates are the visits to the betting portals; An event of this type is reflected in the predictions made by many fans of League of Legends and eSports in general.

In the 2022 edition, he managed to overwhelmingly win the audience over his most direct rival historically, Dota 2 and its star tournament, “The International”, which fell to 67.7 million hours viewed on Twitch and stayed in seventh place in this ranking. In fact, the next in the Top, Seasons 9 and 10 of “MPL Indonesia”, from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, stayed at 80 million hours.

Regarding LOL, there will be news soon; new updates will arrive with aspects, illustrations and visual effects; players will have access to a set of new abilities and event improvements will be made apparent that complement the new gameplay system, both in ARAM and rotations. Soon we will know more details.

For several years electronic sports have already been a reality and, championship after championship, they are increasingly establishing themselves as a great entertainment option. They may not yet be able to cope with some traditional sports like soccer or basketball, but the growth of eSports continues to smash records at a truly breakneck speed. And with the numbers that League of Legends achieves, there is even more chance that this growth will continue.

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