League of Legends reveals Milio’s skill set and release date

Yesterday we told you that Riot Games had recently shared new details about Milio, the new champion to debut in League of Legends coming soon. Well, today we bring you more juicy information about the character, since the company has decided to reveal the full skill set of this new teenage wizard, in addition to his release date on Summoner’s Rift. If you want to know how Milio will work at a playable level and when you can try it, keep reading this news.

All of Milio’s abilities

here below you can check Milio’s featured skillsthe new wizard character who uses fire to heal and empower to his allies, with the help of the gigantic and bulbous fireman:

“Come with me. I’ll help you stay warm.”

Passive – To the warmth!

  • Milio’s abilities charm their allies by touching themwhich makes his next ability or attack generate an explosion that deals additional damage and burns its target.

Q – Ultra Mega Burning Kick

  • Kicks a ball that pushes an enemy. When hit, the ball bounces and falls behind its target, which deals damage and slows enemies of the area upon impact.

W – Heartwarming Bonfire

  • Create a buff area that heals allies and increases range of those who are inside. The area follows the ally closest to the cast point.

E – Warm hugs

  • thousand throw a shield at an allytemporarily increasing your movement speed.

R – Breath of Life

  • Milio throws a wave of comforting flames Heals and removes crowd control effects from allies within range.

Milio release date

we already know officially release dates of Milio in League of Legends. The first champion to arrive in 2023 has been confirmed for the next patch 13.6 of LoL, which means that it should be included in the MOBA servers the Wednesday March 22, 2023 (around 10:00 p.m. on the Spanish peninsula).

Similarly, it should be noted that starting this March 7 at 17:00 the character will be included on PBE (the test server).

League of Legends is the popular MOBA from Riot Games that is found totally free for pc gamersif you are interested in knowing more about him you can read our analysis and if you want to delve into his universe on the right foot, do not hesitate to visit our tips and tricks guide.

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