League of Legends Shares Milio’s Official Skin, Biography, and Music

This weekend Riot Games has finally revealed new details about thousandthe one to be the next champion to debut on Summoner’s Rift League of Legends. There are not a few players who are looking forward to the arrival of this new character, luckily, now we have new details revealed As the design of it, the art sketches, his music and even his token biographical on the website of the popular MOBA. We show you in this news!

Triler with the music of Milio, the Serene Flame

if you want or the official music of the new champion Milio you can play the new video that Riot Games has posted on the League of Legends YouTube channel this weekend:

The video comes accompanied by some illustrations and sketches of the character itself, with which we can verify how its creation has been by the Riot artists and its evolution until the final result.

Milio’s Biography

“Our light, our inner flame… That’s what fuels my fire.”

Already we’ve known for a while that Milio will be a support character dedicated exclusively to Magic. He is the 163rd champion of the video game and he is a young man teenager from Ixtal able to master the axiom of fire. What we did not know until now was his official biography, of which we only had a couple of notes. However, that has changed after the publication this weekend of the video that we have shown you above.

By way of summarywe leave you with this brief excerpt:

“Milio is a kind young man from Ixtal who, despite his young age, has managed to master the axiom of fire, as well as discovering the flames of calm. With this new power, Milio intends to help his family put an end to their After traversing the jungles of Ixtal to reach the capital of Ixaocan, Milio now prepares to face the Vidalion and join the Yun Tal, unaware of the trials and the dangers that await him.

So far, these have been the details published by Riot about Milio. It is to be expected that in the next few days the company ended up publishing an official trailer of the champion in which we can see his main skills in action. At the moment there are only rumors and leaks in this regard. It is also logically expected that we will receive a release date for the character. It should be almost there.

League of Legends is the popular MOBA from Riot Games that is found totally free for pc gamersif you are interested in knowing more about him you can read our analysis and if you want to delve into his universe on the right foot, do not hesitate to visit our tips and tricks guide.

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