League of Legends: Source Code Hackers Claim $10 Million From Riot

Riot Games has been stealing the source code of the League of Legends game and hackers are asking for an astronomical amount of money not to reveal it…

“It goes without saying that we will not pay.” This is Riot Games’ response to hackers who are threatening to reveal the League of Legends source code if the game publisher doesn’t pay $10 million. It was on January 17, according to Motherboard, that hackers took possession of the League of Legends source code. They also gained access to the anti-cheat platform.

Through two letters in PDF format, the thieves asked Riot Games to pay a staggering €10 million to prevent an industrial disaster. The hackers added a Telegram link to be able to communicate with them. They also reported what they might have stolen: League of Legends game code, tools and anti-cheat code called “Packman”. They also express their willingness to do no harm and that it’s just a money story:

“We don’t want to damage your reputation or upset the public. Our only motivation is financial gain” hackers write.

never give in to pressure

What League of Legends game publishers decided to answer via Twitter last January 24. Under no circumstances will the studio give in to threats. They have since launched audits to determine how this could have happened. We can also assume that they will try to fill this gap to prevent this type of adventure from happening again.

Riot Games states in their Twitter thread that they have come a long way and will be able to resolve the issue. Note that the publisher specifies that it does not identify any stolen personal data to date (phew!).

Indeed, we could have a fear on this side for the players, but the doubts were dispelled very quickly. As of now, there will be no officially mentioned complaints by Riot against the hijackers just yet. This case is obviously reminiscent of the theft of part of the GTA 5 source code a few months ago. The League of Legends game publisher will give some news very soon, which will continue…

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