League of Legends talks about the new mid and jungle champions this season

Published: 2023-01-10T13:00:24

Updated: 2023-01-10T13:00:27

Two new champions will arrive during League of Legends Season 13 for the mid and jungle position. Although it is still early, Riot Games has announced that we will have a schedule very similar to what we had in past seasons.

As the team of League of Legends from the last seasons, this year we will again have four new champions for different positions.

In addition to thousand who will go in the support position and Naafiri who will be a Darkin assassin according to Riot Games, the team prepares things for jungle and middle lane.

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League of Legends prepares to receive new champions

Looking further afield, we have a hungry jungler and artistic mid laner that can be seen in the distance.“explained Lead Champion Designer Lexi “Lexical” Gao at the start of the season. “It’s too early to talk about them at the moment, but stay tuned for future teasers.”.

His departure will be accompanied by other releases of champions where we will find reworks and medium updates along with new characters. That is, we will have the pace of champion output that Riot Games has accustomed us to since season 10.

However, it won’t be common as new content will fluctuate based on team resources and gaps to fill.

The article continues after the announcement.

new champions league of legendsRiot Games

One of the new League of Legends champions will be a Darkin

We don’t want to have a certain rhythm“, it states. “It’s more about whether there are good opportunities for the team to tackle, as well as the current size we have in our team.“.

In general, although knowing the schedule, I think it will be easy compared to the last two or three years, I don’t think it’s by design. they are just alike“.

The new jungler and medium along with Milio and Naafiri add up to four additions, one less than the five of 2022. Outside of the new content, the Aurelion Sol rework will arrive in February, while the Skarner update is being worked on.

The article continues after the announcement.

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